How to Focus with ADHD

Have you ever been around someone with ADHD if you have you have noticed the excessive energy that they use and the lack of attention they have but that can be helped easily by using things that require attention such as the following. This is why i don’t think that ADHD is a disorder because it can be “cured” by using exercises, people with ADHD can also play video games? This requires muscle memory to slow down their heart rate, They can even use fidget spinners which makes it easier to focus.

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention is when people fail to pay close attention to details or make mistakes which can happen schoolwork or trouble staying focused in tasks and appear not to listen even when being spoken to. They have inappropriate actions when they shouldn’t and to help they also fidget, taps etc.. Including actions that occur without thinking about them and they may cause injury or harm to themselves or others.

Fidget spinners can be helpful because they pull the extra energy to something small which can help they focus and calm down. “When I have it in my hand they way it feels when it spins it can be soothing”.(swiech) Someone who has ADHD using a fidget spinner will bring their energy and attention to something small.This proves my point because it shows that small objects like fidget spinners and things they can focus on that are not distraction to others is something that can feel soothing which is extremely helpful.

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” People that think prescribing medications to treat ADHD that have the potential for abuse.This study provides evidence that the use of these medications is not associated with the increases risk of substance use problems in adolescents and adults”.(Indiana University)This means that ADHD is not something that requires medications to help it. It is something that needs attention that will keep them busy.This shows how ADHD isn’t something that requires them to stay focused on something small.”I think it’s a fun way for kids to control their heart rate when their feelings are high and energetic (Reddy). Playing video games is a good way to keep calm and busy at the same time.

This proves the point of how ADHD is something the requires an activity to help with concentration.

Using Medication is not need to temporarily help ADHD because they ” Drugs can be used to treat childhood behavior disorders are based on theories that no research has ever established as true”(Indiana University).ADHD is not a medical problem that requires medication it is only something that requires attention so they can slow down and control their emotions.I wonder why people believe that medication is required to temporarily cure ADHD but only thing that is required to temporarily cure this is something that requires focus to bring their energy.” Anyone with extra energy will use these small objects to concentrate and allowing students with ADHD to relax and calm themselves down much quicker and very easily”(Rosemond). When using a fidget spinner calms down asj allows the people with ADHD to relax.This show how something as simple as a fidget spinner can help someone relax and focus this much.” Certain kids seem to catch on and learn this quick and it helps motivate them”(Reddy). Playing video game as someone with ADHD allows them to relax and focus much better. This shows what playing video games can do to improve the effects of ADHD.

Most people who have ADHD can play video games which will help them concentrate and requires them to be calm in order to play. So when they play it is also teaching them to slow down and control themselves”The games help children build muscle memory he said so they are able to reduce their heart rate over and over again which makes calming themselves down becomes more automatic”(Reddy). Calming themselves down multiple times by playing video games will allow it to be easier for them to do it normally.This proves my point about how you can tremendously help ADHD by doing things that requires focus to complete.” This allows them to be able to resume playing without extra obstacles the child has to calm themselves down to reduce their heart rate”.(Reddy) children are required to calm their emotions and heart trade in order to continue to play.This can be helpful to people with ADHD because it is keeping their emotions and heart rate normal. These toys that are used will given students with ADHD a much more efficient way to calm down.”Toy has been touted by some as making it easier for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”.(Sweich)This toy can be very helpful because it can keep them focus and not cause a big distraction to other people.This shows how something as small as a fidget spinner can help such a big problem.”The games have helped the boys stop and give pause when their emotions feel out of control”.(Reddy)Kids with ADHD calm their emotions and not let them go out of control when they play video games.Then when they have a high heart rate and are out of control they can mor calmly and normally keep their emotions under control.

People disagree with my opinion on how ADHD is not a disorder. They think that something like this that can be cured with medication is considered a disorder. There are many reasons that show that ADHD does not require any medical attention. Most people that used fidget spinner or played video games show a huge improvement by being able to control their emotions and focus on what they need to do much easier without having anything go out of control.You may have a tendency to interrupt the conversation of others and make hurtful comments without thinking. They might do things before they have thought out how it will make other people feel like and can be very embarrassing.They also might forget and overlook important details on projects they need to complete.

I do not believe you can consider ADHD as a disorder because it can be easily temporarily cured by using something as simple fidget spinner or something small that they can focus on and use to keep calm and make it more natural to calm themselves down.Some downsides of ADHD is how people who have it do not always think about what they are saying an it can harm other people because they may not be saying something kind to them.This might also cause other people to respond not knowing that they have ADHD and this could cause them to completely lose control of their emotions because of what they did and i could have been something they didn’t even mean say.This also can happen to people with ADHD when they are not completely in the conversation because they are not in full control over their emotions so some people may get upset over this and say something not knowing the can’t help it which can cause them to get upset because of something they didn’t even mean to do. These emotions can be controlled if they use something small like a fidget spinner can help tremendously because all the energy they had would be focused on the small object.

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