How to Evaluate Information Sources Essay

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How to Evaluate Information Sources

This website contains nine distinct sections: home, about, support PSR, environment and health, nuclear weapons, safe energy, resources, news and events, and chapters. The home page contains frequently updated links to news items such as “PSR Leaders Testify at EPA Hearings on Health Impacts of Global Warming. ” The “about” section describes the history of the PSR and outlines its mission. The “support” section gives information on how to become a member of PSR and how to contribute (whether financially or through activism) to their goals.

Environment and Health” contains a wealth of information about global warming, air pollution, the effects of environmental changes on children, code black, toxins and health, and social justice. The “Nuclear Weapons” section contains information on the current threat posed by nuclear weapons. The safe energy program of the PSR focuses on health, safety, and economic issues affected by searches for cleaner energy sources. “Resources and Publications” provides information on books, articles, fact sheets, and power point presentations that deal with concerns of the PSR.

The group’s monthly e-newsletter is featured in the “news and events” sections. Here, the same articles from the home page reappear. The “chapters” section provides information about regional groups (some organized by city, some by state) that meet. When was the work written? The copyright of the website is 2009. It appears that though the organization was founded in 1961, the website is a recent addition to their activities. The date of the earliest article posted on the website in from May 9, 2009. Who is the author or sponsor, and what are their credentials?

Physicians for Social Responsibility is the U. S. affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. They are also committed to alleviating and, hopefully, reversing the effects of negative environmental changes. The group contains 34, 200 medical and health professionals. The board president, Evan Kanter, holds both a Ph. D. and an M. D. The website contains numerous articles on current events and activities of the group. Many of these articles are presumably written by the members of PSR as no other author is credited.

Others, however, are links to articles from other sources such as the New York Times. The section on “nuclear weapons” contains links to blogs. Why was the work written? What was its purpose, to inform or to persuade? What was the bias / perspective / motivation? The purpose of this web-site is two-fold: education and advocacy. Their strategy is to educate health care professionals and the public about the issues of nuclear weapons and climate change and to advocate for policy change. How was the work written?

What it written at a level you can understand and use? This work is well-written but not terribly complicated. The educated authors all have strong histories of publishing in peer-reviewed journals; however the writing style would be appropriate for anyone who has graduated from high school. The organization of the web-site is not particularly user-friendly. The viewer of this site needs to already be interested in the subject and have an idea about what types of information they are searching for.

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