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How to Ensure the Operation Remains Effective

Due to the need to maintain controls over the organic products and purchasing trends, it is important to update the inventory technology available in Kudler Foods. There should be effective technology which is capable of generating purchase and inventory reports. The employees who cater for the inventory need to monitor the inventory levels in order to establish the re-order levels and periods. According to Shim and Siegel (2000), this will not only prevent wastage and mismanagement of products, but it will also enable the management to predict the future trends and adjust inventory accordingly.

The management should also use the Kaizen theory in development of new flow charts and analysis of suppliers. This theory involves using small incremental improvements to improve the overall production system. This will help the firm reduce wastage of time through elimination of redundancies and duplication of efforts by employees. Another concept which the management should apply is the just-in-time system. This system ensures that products are made available when consumers need them.

It is useful in this case because we are dealing with organic products.

However, there is a risk of not meeting demand if it suddenly increases. Conclusion. Kudler has been seen to have grown over the years, through sound leadership from the owner, Kathy Kudler. Kudler Foods has expanded to open three outlets and has implemented a policy where it will acquire organic produce from local growers. This is a major decision which needs to be implemented carefully in order to avoid negatively affecting the operations of Kudler.

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It is important to centralize the operations so that the major decisions are made by the owner, who has the most knowledge to this business.

According to Lewis and Slack (2003), if the decisions are left to the managers, this may prove to be a costly mistake, especially if one of them makes a mistake when dealing with inventory. It is also important to change the processes and update technology which will help monitor the inventory levels, especially since we are dealing with organic products ,and also due to the fact that they are seasonal products. The just-in-time strategy may be considered, but its weaknesses should be noted. Finally, if the owner develops good relationships with the local growers, this will be beneficial to her business in the long term.


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