How to Effectively Apply Technology in The Modern World

As stated before, the common characterizations that are used to define boomers include workaholics, skeptics of authority, social reformers, thrill seekers, questioners of authority, and lifelong learners. There is a fallacy about baby boomers is that they lack the understanding to effectively apply technology in today world, true, the relationship between technology and the baby boomers is completely different when in comparison with other generations. The baby boomer’s places values and perspectives on technology that were designed previously by the transformation of and dependency of technology in their daily life because they utilize that technology to shape their existence and this is also true in the business perspectives use of that technology.

The myth that the young rule the technology industry is far from the truth. In the words of Vinod Khosla, “People under 35 are the people who make change happen: people over 45 basically die in terms of new ideas.” One of the reasons why new startup by young entrepreneur’s fail is that they lack the experience, maturity, and knowledge that the baby boomers have.

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The young entrepreneurs do have an advantage in the app building fields way better than the baby boomer’s generation since it was easy for them to write the code needed for cellphone and so on. But they also need to learn how to motivate and inspire their workers, manage the books and market their products. This is where the baby boomers excel at and are far more successful than the young entrepreneurs.

While technologies can make it possible to develop new industries and create better lives for everyone.

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It is the knowledge in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, engineering, and nanotechnology, that provides the requires experience and understanding of problems that one can face with various projects, which comes with age and experience which the baby boomers have in great abundance since they are living longer and are more social and aware of what goes on. So, one could say that business, technology, and the baby boomers not only grow together but relies on each other to be successful. Another thing the technology business world has learn is that it not just the gamers who companies are looking at, but the baby boomers and the reason for that is they are the leading purchaser of technology today boomers represent 40% of the consumer market today.

They are buying desktops, laptops, T.V, smartphones, tablets, software you name it. For this reason, companies are listening to what they are saying and want and how they want it, because what they are buying, say in software, are crossing over into what would find in most typical office environments today just as Microsoft Office, Money, Quickens, Skype and more. What does Politics, Technology, and baby boomers have in common, a lot more then one may think. If one goes to a political pep rally, one would see mostly the middle age crowds. The younger and baby boomers generations while some may go, they mostly get their information about candidates online.

Now we all know what happens in the last election with those fake ads that one saw on Facebook and the fake messages on twitter and so on. Unfortunately these are the area where baby boomers look to learn about the candidates. The social media and the internet are where they would find them looking for information and since just over 35 percent of the voters are the Baby Boomers, one can see how sending false ads to the baby boomers can affect elections like the last one. So one can say that the baby boomers are using technology/internet to learn more about who running for office, their views and what they can do for the people and about politics in general.

It was fifty years ago, that the Higher Education Act was signed by President Johnson bringing in federal support for those wanting to go to college. Many baby boomers when to college, in fact in most cases they were the first in their families to receive a college education. Within the baby boomers of today population, one would find to be better educated, to have the technical knowledge, and has high demands of quality services and products. As they have led other social revolutions in the past, the baby boomers are expected to modernize the meaning of growing old and learning more.

They are renowned for their insatiable desire for information in all media, which means that college educators today have a good reason to be involved in planning and policy development if their services are to be considered significant and worthy to the baby boomers which is one of the reason why higher ed administrators are taking notes and looking into the numbers of baby boomers returning to college. Today there already are momentous changes that are taking place in the senior housing and assisted living markets that will help spur the college and the baby boomer’s connection.

Today there is estimated to be several retirement communities that are linked to colleges that right on campuses or near them and the technology just as online classes that they needed to learn, is growing right along side them. Today one will find classes that are geared to the baby boomers in colleges across the county and many are in continuing education field which is another reason why technology companies are looking at the baby boomers and their needs. If one would looks at the last line in the photo it states the 41% are updating their skills so that they can continue working after they are 65. Right here tells you that more baby boomers are returning to college or technical school to continue their education than ever before.

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