How to Do an Axel Essay

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How to Do an Axel

The process which leads to a successful axel may comes easily to some people and not to others. First, make sure your skates are tight and that your ankles don’t move around inside. Second, warm up by skating a couple laps around the rink so that when you start jumping there will be less chance of getting an injury. Then, practice springing straight into the air and landing on one skate. Now, begin going through the motions of the axel by first pulling your arms back behind you.

Next, lift your foot off the ice so that your thigh is parallel to the ice and your body forms a “h” shape and bring your arms forward, making a fist. If you are right-handed, lift you right leg. If you are left-handed, lift your left leg. Once that is done, set your raised leg back on the ice, about a foot and a half from your standing leg. Assuming that you are right-handed, shift your weight from your left foot on to your right foot. A left-handed person should do vice versa.

Presently, turn your body to face where you were coming from and at the same moment pull your left leg away from the ice and bring it so that your two ankles are touching. Afterwards, pull your arms in a criss-cross formation. Finally, after practicing the motions several times through, attempt a hop in between instead of placing your foot back on the ice in step six. Otherwise, add rotations after you have landed and brought your hands and your foot in. Once you have the precise movements, add an even more height and show other people how to do an axel.

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