How To Critique A Bad Business Clearance Memorandum

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When you’re a young associate, you might have to write a business clearance memorandum (BCM). This document is crucial to the success of your client’s case. Since you may not have written one before, it can be difficult to know how to critique a bad one.

A poorly executed business clearance memorandum fails to meet the expectations of a recipient. It might be as simple as having bad grammar, but it could also be a badly-formatted document with poor content.

A poorly executed business clearance memorandum can be difficult for stakeholders to read and understand, which is why we need to address these issues before our reports see the light of day.

A business clearance memorandum (BCM) will often have been written by an associate. While many associates are seasoned lawyers who have been practicing law for years and know what they’re doing, it’s also common to find recent law school graduates who don’t yet have the experience to write a business clearance memorandum correctly.

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This can lead to problems with your case and you may need to ask your attorney to redo it.

The first thing to notice is that the business clearance memorandum (BCM) is poorly written. This means that it has spelling errors, grammar errors and formatting issues.

For example: “If [your company] do not have a contract with us at this time, please also provide us with an update on your contractual status.” The BCM contains many such phrases as “at this time” and “contractual status”.

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These terms are used incorrectly throughout the BCM because they sound like legal jargon rather than plain English words in everyday speech. The writer has used them when he should not have done so because they make him sound like a lawyer rather than someone who can write clearly and concisely for non-lawyers such as company directors or shareholders.

The main problem with a sloppy business clearance memorandum is that it can create problems for your client. If the business clearance memorandum is not clear, it can lead to misunderstandings and delays in obtaining approvals and funding.

It’s no secret that business clearance memorandums are among the most common legal documents written by associates. In fact, many large law firms require that their associates write one or two business clearance memorandums per week. While I don’t want to disparage any of these hardworking lawyers (many of whom are extremely talented), it is worth noting that writing so many memos in such a short period of time can lead to some pretty subpar products being turned out.

One reason for this is that drafting a memo in an attempt to get something done before deadline takes priority over doing things right or properly proofreading what you’ve written once it’s complete. Another reason is simply lack of experience—young lawyers haven’t yet learned how to do research effectively or write well-reasoned analyses from scratch (especially when they’re under pressure). If you find yourself reading a poorly constructed BCRM, chances are good that either someone rushed through the process and didn’t take enough time on it, or someone who had never written anything before was asked to do so without any guidance or supervision at all

The best way to critique a business clearance memorandum is to focus on the facts and the law – not just on how well it’s written. When you read a memo, ask yourself questions like:

  • Was the associate thorough in researching these facts? Were there any holes in their research that might cause an issue later if we need to rely on them?
  • How did they structure this memo? Is it clear what their position is, how they got there, and why this is important for me as a partner (or whoever else will be reviewing this document)?
  • Do they cite cases, statutes and other sources appropriately so that I can easily find them later if I need more information about something?

It’s crucial for young associates to learn how to properly write a business clearance memorandum. When it comes to the business clearance memorandum, there are many facets that make up a good one. It’s crucial for young associates to learn how to properly write one, and critique their peers on their work. The first thing you’ll want to look at is whether or not the memo actually states that it’s a business clearance memorandum. For example, if it says “Memo,” you should ask yourself if this is really all that this document needs to be called. If so, then all of your concerns about what makes up a proper BCOM are invalidated—this memo is clearly not written by someone who knows any better than you do!

Next you’ll want to consider how well-organized the contents of this document are before passing judgment on whether or not they’re worth reading at all (which would be silly). Are there headings? Does each section have its own topic sentence? Is there even a table of contents in place? These things will help guide your eyes through these paragraphs so they don’t get lost while trying desperately not lose interest as well; making sure everything has been thought through before moving forward with another draft will save everyone time down the road when edits need made because something wasn’t clear enough initially!

The business clearance memorandum is a legal document that many young associates are expected to write during their first year of working in a law firm. It’s crucial for them to learn how to properly write this type of memo so it can be read by other lawyers and judges.

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