How to Conserve Monuments?

Reasons for damage to Historical Monuments:

  1. Pollution – traffic and waste of the neighboring factories
  2. Natural causes like earthquakes and flooding
  3. Tourists spoiling by writing, scratching
  4. Natural environmental conditions like humidity.
  5. Construction in/on or around the heritage site
  6. Water seeping into the ground due to irrigation and farming near heritage sites
  7. Traditional causes of decay.
  8. Encroachment and misuse of heritage property.

Some ways to preserve our historical heritage are :

  1. Renovate damaged historical monuments and provide them legal protection under the heritage protection act of UNO.

  2. De commercialization of monuments to prevent spread of pollution in the surroundings. The practice of popularizing monuments as places of entertainment and amusement should also be played down because it does not helps much in protecting them as our heritage and on the other hand brings harm to the already vulnerable structures.
  3.  Only making laws will be of no help in protecting a monument, public support and administrative acumen are also required to achieve the objective.

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    . Given the reality of a developing nation like India where concerns of poverty, primary education and basic social standards for its citizens far outweigh issues related to historic buildings, it is no wonder that heritage preservation features very low on the government’s agenda. No doubt the legislations and the various laws, whether national or international, provides for an approach which seems to be some what responsible in its letter and form but, it doesn’t happen in practice or is ineffective.

Given a measure of independence and freedom from government control the role of the non-government voluntary agencies is what seems to be the need of the hour.

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This practice, however must be backed by an institutional structure. Moreover, coordination and cooperation among the government agencies and private sectors engaged in cultural activities, especially the Non Governmental Agencies must be promoted. 5.

Educational programmes that fosters international exchanges for cultural heritage professionals, and promotes a better understanding at the national as well as international levels to conserve the monuments must be organised 6. Last but not the least all of us must do our bit to protect these structures. We must never spoil these places when we visit them. Also if we see others destroying/spoiling them, we must report them to the appropriate authority.

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How to Conserve Monuments?

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