How to Choose Your Topic Essay Essay

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How to Choose Your Topic Essay

Good evening Ladies and Gentleman , my name is Adam Maljan. Before we proceed , I would like to ask all of you a simple question . Have any of you had any difficulties on choosing a topic when you are asked to present to an audience ? If your answer is yes , then Do Not Worry . Because you see i. Choosing a topic for a speech is no easy thing to do . Especially if you are a student preparing a speech for your subject . ii. I myself had a hard time in choosing a topic for a public speaking event when I was in my 2nd semester as a diploma student . It took me days just to find the right topic which everyone can understand and relate to easily.

Today , I would like to talk to you about how to choose or at least narrow down your choices of topic using the simple criteria of Knowing your theme , Listing and narrowing Down and researching and gaining confidence. The first criteria in order to choose your topic is that you should know your theme. For example , the seminar you were invited to talk to is about Health . But Health, as we all know, is a general topic , there are multiple subtopics that you can relate to with health ,some are maintaining a healthy lifestyle , how to reduce the risk of heart disease, effects of obesity and many more .

So if this situation happens to you . Please do not panic , because once you identify your theme or topic using the general topic given to you, you can now look at your audience and use them to determine your decision on which topic to present . For example, if your audience is mostly teenagers , then you can choose the topic on maintaining a healthy lifestyle topic , but if it is mostly senior citizens , then it is better for you to choose the topic on how to reduce the risk of heart disease. The same goes with women or children .

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