How To Bulid A Submarine Using Home Equipment Essay

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How To Bulid A Submarine Using Home Equipment

Ever wonder how quietly a submarine roams the deep sea? Let’s make one from recycled stuff around the house. What you would need to build a submarine are bottles of different sizes, tape, safety scissors, and tissue paper, a mixture of glue and water and loads of colors. Now first take a cylindrical bottle, then another cylindrical bottle and tape them together such that they are turned into long cylindrical shape. Wrap the tape between their open parts properly so that they may not break or break apart.

Therefore they need to be taped vertically, turning into a longer bottle with their face in the opposites sides. Now take a medium sized bottle and stick this to the cylindrically shape object that you have made from the tape and two bottles. Place it anywhere you wish to paste such that the bodies of the two bottles are pasted close together. Then take two small bottles of the same size, it may be of the different sizes as well, and tape them to the submarine at equal positions i. e. parallel, such that they face each other.

Make sure that your presentation is very neat and tidy. Make sure that the tape could be a white tape or any tape that could stick them together. A transparent tape can also be used but a white paper tape is very ideal as it can hold such objects in a much better way. Now roll the tissue paper around it properly. The tissue paper you role may be started from the very neck of the cylindrical bottle and role it to the four to five wraps. After rolling the tissue paper stick it with a mixture of glue and water all over, carefully so that it takes the shape of the submarine.

Make sure that the glue and water is mixed is well proportioned. The content of water should be less than the glue so that while putting it all over the body of the object the tissue may not tear up. Let it dry. Make sure that until and unless the object that we have built up till now is not dried don’t touch it as it may be in its fragile shape. In case the tissue tears up due to any reason or whatever may be the case apply the folding of tissue and the mixture of glue and water once again.

Make sure that it is done neatly. Now apply paint on this, after it dries up completely. Use any color of your choice to color it. Now the base coat is ready. Make different designs and patterns on this, as per choice. Make sure that the design you chose is like a submarine. For this you can take help from any of your text books or any book from library in order to have a perfect design pattern of a submarine. Paint small windows through which you can enjoy an underwater view.

Paint lots of cabinets, a small little trap door, and windows to make the submarine even more colorful. To add more details to the submarine paint some straws in the silver color and stick them on the top so that they look like periscopes. Cut these straws and also stick them elsewhere on the submarine so that they look like metallic pipes. ? Work Cited How to Make Submarines. (n. d. ). How to Make a Plastic Bottle Submarine. February 6, 2009. Retrieved from :< http://www. howtomakesubmarines. net/how-to-make-a-plastic-bottle-submarine. html>

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