How to Become an Interior Decorator?

Analyzing interior designing websites provide excellent information to aspiring interior designers and decorators. Interior designing and interior decorating appears to be an easy, fun career. How hard can it be to transform rooms into a fantasy comparable to DisneyLand? Researching sites allows the student to make necessary accommodations to achieve their objective. Atotalwaste. com/interiordecorator is a site providing easy to understand and clear distinctions between a designer and decorator.

The site very clearly lists the job duties and education requirements of a designer and decorator.

It states the list of organizations associated with interior designing. The difference of what a designer does and a decorator does are listed. The site explains why the requirements for interior designers are more thorough. Interior designers are responsible for a lot more than just the physical appearance of a room or home they are decorating. They are also responsible for the safety and welfare of the public. The contribution of the designers is clearly outlined.

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Everyone on the outside looking in, envisions designers making buildings, rooms, and houses look very pretty. The article lists duties that no one realizes.

Designers work on public buildings, such as airport terminals. Interior designers are hardly imagined as someone responsible for airport security. The site gives an overall positive image of interior designers. The designers are spoken in higher regard than decorators. “Anyone can be an interior decorator” does not show a flattering or respected image of decorators. It compares designers and decorators like nurses and nurse’s aids.

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Designers depend on decorator’s assistance. “I do not want to have to spend years of studying, worrying about things like building codes, and write an examination to be certified.

Can I just start decorating people’s houses without going through all that. ” People attracted to this profession are not likely to have such an attitude. Toward decorators, a hard language is used. Decorators are shown as more of a working class profession instead of professionals. Many designers start off as interior decorators, but have goals to become designers. Respected, upper class people are drawn to this profession, both designing and decorating. There are some people who just want professional advice to decorate their houses or friends houses, but they are not drawn to the profession.

In that situation, they would attend a lecture or meeting given by a professional designer or decorator. The site speaks much softer and flattering of designers. Health, codes and safety, except for a brief overview of designer’s responsibilities, are not mentioned. It does mention that professional standards are set by the American Society of Interior Designers or the Interior Designers of Canada. Certification and testing through National Council for Interior Design Qualification are mentioned. The specifics are not. Exact privileges once designers fulfill requirements are not listed in the site.

Designers are responsible for health, codes and safety, but no actual details are listed. Overall this site does speak well of interior designers. Interior designers work for and earn the prestige and respect they receive. Unknown important responsibilities of designers are mentioned. It shows surprising facts that designers have a very important role to play. Interior designers are not just there to make a beautiful fantasy happen. It looks that way. Atotalwaste. com provides somewhat uncommon information on interior designing profession.

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How to Become an Interior Decorator?

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