How To Become A Songwriter?

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Steps to Become a Songwriter

So you want to become a songwriter? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: You are already a songwriter if you are writing songs. This article is for the people that want to write songs, cut demos, pitch them to artists, get someone to cut your song, get it placed in TV and Film, and make money. If you are content with writing songs for yourself, family, and friends then this isn’t for you.

Keep writing, keep loving it, but you don’t need this information. This is only for people who are serious about becoming songwriters who get paid to write.

So How Do I Become A Songwriter?

How to become a songwriter. First, you MUST develop your songwriting skill. I know you think you’ve written a top 40 hit but you haven’t. I’m not being mean I’m just telling you what no one else will. When I first started writing, even 5 years after writing, I thought I had written a million top 40 hits that deserved the spotlight.

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Maybe I had written a hit or two but the industry guys didn’t think so. If they don’t like it then it doesn’t matter how many “hits” I’ve written. You have to spend time writing, thinking, and picking apart your songs word by word. NEVER settle for okay. Always strive for great.

Learn About the Music Business

To become a songwriter you must also learn about the music business.

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You can’t just sit at home and write all day, post youtube videos, and wait for a label or publishing company to contact you. You NEED to know how the music business works. I have read All You Need to Know About the Music Business several times.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to do anything in the music business. It will help you get an overall view and understanding of how the music business works. This way you know if you are getting screwed, the best way to pitch your songs, and how to make a living in the music business. BUY THIS BOOK. You can thank me later.

Learn How to Record

You don’t need to become a master at recording. But you do need to have a small home recording setup and know how to record a decent sounding acoustic vocal demo. This will help you save time and money in the studio when you go in to record an actual demo of your song. Acoustic/vocal demos are also perfectly suitable for pitching sessions to publishers and for feedback from your PRO.

Record an acoustic/vocal demo of every song you write. You never know when someone may be looking for a song that fits something you’ve written before. This also help in the off chance that you completely forgot how the songs sounded. You’ve got a full acoustic demo right at your fingertips.

Pitch Your Songs

This is WAYYYY easier said than done. You can’t just start sending your demos to every publisher you find on Google and hope that one bites. They won’t even listen to it. It will go right to the trash…I promise. I recommend you meet with your PRO (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC). Play a few tunes for your advisor and see what he/she says. These advisors know people in the business and they know a good song when they hear it. Build a good relationship with your PRO…this will be one of the most important relationships in your career.

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How To Become A Songwriter?
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