How to become a good manager Essay

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How to become a good manager

1- What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family? A main advantage of the nuclear family is that a couple has ultimate privacy. Nuclear families incur less stress and trouble when moving into a new home. There is a specific sense of freedom that gives a nuclear family the ability to live life as they wish. It is also easier to avoid stress. A disadvantage is that children are left to take care of themselves. Another disadvantage is that the feeling of safety and security is lacking. There is also not much of a support system.

2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of extended family? Extended families are families where three or more generations are living in the same house. Usually, that means that the grandparents are living with their children and grandchildren. Research has shown that there are several advantages to living in extended families. Extended families are very important in countries where there is no social security net. Extended families help prevent elderly people from becoming poor. Another advantage is that the grandparents can look after the children. During the day, the grandparents watch the children to make sure that they are ok. And they also talk to the children when the parents are busy. This helps the children learn their language. And since the children are well taken care of, both of the parents are free to work on the farm or earn money in jobs.

Sometimes you have no privacy because there are so many members. They can also cause conflict and problems, meddling in other family members’ problems.

While it is advantageous when you have a problem to have other members around to help, sharing other family members’ problems can also become burdensome on other members… so that you not only have your own problems to worry about, but those of your extended family.

3- What are the advantages and disadvantages of polygamous family? Advantages of polygamy can be that stereotypical ‘female’ roles can be shared. That means that children get more attention, house work is done quicker and also that if a woman in a polygamous relationship wants to work outside the home, she can without worrying whether or not ‘strangers’ are raising her child. Disadvantages can occur when people start to think they have ownership over each other and get jealous. Other disadvantages may be that as a wife gets older she can be replaced with a ‘better’ younger woman. She may feel neglected as her time has passed, but monetarily she should still be taken care of and she still has her place in the family. 4- What are the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriage? Advantages:

Your parents know you personally from birth to raising you your whole life so they best know your dispositions and personality and how you cope with others and all that good stuff. When they look for someone for you, they look out for people who best fit your mold and not someone whom you might be enticed by from some few qualities that turn out to be not so great later on. Also, usually arranged marriages occur w/in close communities so people will know each other well from childhood and in that case, people really do know each other, including those getting married and they are strangers.

In Islam also, parents not only look for good personal qualities but also good spiritual qualities in how good they are with their religion and so forth. The person getting married also can refuse any person their parent chooses as he/she has no compulsion to marry anyone he/she doesn’t like or doesn’t think he/she will like. Finally, although a non-Muslim wouldn’t consider it anything, Muslim stress a lot on prayer and that Allah leads them in the right direction to the right match and steer them away from a bad choice.


You don’t necessarily know the person so love attraction may take some time. Something which is really bad not b/c of the institution itself but more b/c of various cultural influences on people’s personal agendas or essentially, when parents aren’t looking out for their children but their own needs. They may have personal prejudices against people who look some way or against people of a certain status and while Islam states that a true Muslim looks past these things and only spirituality matters, not all parents are good Muslims and some are better South Asians than Muslims and are quite superficial. These kind of parents also don’t give much thought to spirituality either so it could be a woman who wears tight clothing or a man who drinks and womanizes. 5- What are the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage? Advantages of Love Marriage

One of the most important advantage of love marriage is that it gives you the freedom to choose your own life partner and love marriage offers more independence and freedom to live your life. In love marriage both individuals feel more secured and comfortable as they know each other well and are also aware of strengths and weakness of each other. And they do not find any difficulty or anything new in their life after their marriage. Love marriage has a bright chances of success because it occurs from mutual attraction, love and understanding of individuals. It is not an artificially created union as in an arranged marriage. Love marriage gives your life excitement and peace of mind. You have a life partner of your choice with whom you can go to different places, enjoy your vacations, watch sports events and you’ll see all these things will look more lovely when you have your love with you Disadvantages of Love Marriage

In spite of advantages there are certain disadvantages of love marriage. Those individuals who go for love marriages usually don’t get family support and even in some cases their relatives do not approve of their marriage. In love marriage both bride and groom have more expectations from each which can ruin their happiness in coming future as unmet expectations are a major cause of conflict in love marriages. The worst drawback of love marriage is an early break up, as both individuals who were in love with each other before the marriage feel lack of freedom from their families. Love marriages are successful only if a person is chosen wisely but man such marriages are not a result of any careful deliberation or insight but raging hormones.

So, as a result there is mismatch between life’s goals and aspirations of the two individuals, which after some time becomes a cause of friction and eventually leads to divorce. Thus it is most important to decide to get married to a person who loves you more than you love that person 8- Why do we need to study about Asian Culture?

If you look at the countries that form the Asian continent, they are as diverse and fascinating as you can get. The continent includes giant nations like China, India and Turkey – and is home to historically-rich countries like Japan, Korea and the Philippines. The Middle East is an area rich in culture and natural resources, and is the theological homeland for all three of the world’s largest religions, which are found in this area. In fact, Asia is the birthplace of most of the world’s religious and philosophical thought. As far as culture is concerned, there is nowhere more fascinating and diverse on earth. From the mountain-tops of Tibet to the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, Asia is home to a host of really important cultures. 9-What are the advantages and disadvantages of city living?

There are many advantages living in a city. Living in a city is very convenient. There ara many important things for life such as cloths, furniture and health care here. There are better choices because there are more shops. We can also choose an expensive or cheap things that suit to our budget. Living in a city can makes chances of getting a proper education because we can go to a better school, colleges or universities. Most of the good and famous universities are situated in big cities.

It is also easier to find chances of getting a good job and of course a good salary if you choose to live in a big city. A big city has more opportunity to find job with good salary as there are many companies, corporations and businesses. The facilities are also good. During emergency, we do not have to be transferred to other hospital as we need only short time to get to the hospital. In addition, living in city, we can enjoy the best entertainment. There are many entertainment for our family. Furthermore, we can also enjoy many kinds of food as there are many restaurants in city. The public transportations in city are always better than the one that we have in the rural area. We can choose transport like busses, LRT or monorail which the rural area does not have. These will reduce our expenses.

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