How to Be Professional Engineer Essay

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How to Be Professional Engineer

Hong Kong is many large-scale infrastructures in future. There are many job chances. Chances are often but my lower educational background may not be able to secure. If I want to fight for more chances, I must continue to enhance me. Become a professional engineer, experience and education are same important. When I success join the HKIE member, it can certificate I have professional qualifications because become corporate membership need definite experience and education and after different assessment. That is a long way, cannot short time to complete. In route to membership, there are two way, it is Corporate Member and Associate Member.

Corporate Member there is two types. It is Fellow and Member Fellow is a senior Corporate Member who is usually at least 35 years of age and has achieved positions of responsibility to which he/she has brought superior knowledge and practice in an engineering discipline. Member is a qualified professional engineer who has attained the age of 25, obtained an accredited/recognised degree or the equivalent in an acceptable engineering discipline, received adequate training, had sufficient responsible experience, and successfully completed the Institution’s Professional Assessment or the equivalent.

Associate Member is an engineering technologist who has attained the age of 23, obtained a Higher Diploma or Higher Certificate accredited/recognised by the Institution, or an acceptable equivalent in a recognised engineering or technological discipline, received adequate practical training, had appropriate responsible experience, and successfully completed the Institution’s Assessment Interview

In my own choice, I will think out join Associate Member, after Promotion to Member because I will have Recognised Higher Certificates, it is one of the main factors while I have Minimum of 3 to4 years experience. I can take the last step to Assessment Interview.

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