How to Be a Successful Student: Strategies for Academic Achievement

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To be a successful student in my new education pursuit, i have to possess this following characteristics and qualities. I have to be actively involved in my studies and responsibility for my education, by participating in class and doing my home working and summiting it on time before the deadline date. To go in to the website, checking the calendar for assignment deadlines, always try to do things ahead. to be a successful student, i have to know to set my own goals for the week and mouth and be highly motivated and followed with a positive attitude towards my education.

Always remind myself that though it is hard but can be done and to always set my priority straight. To be successful, i should know ignorance is no excuse.

Clarifying if instruction, questions, assignments are not clear , there is need to get clarification if needed from my professor. Team work and been a team player is an essential aspect of been a successful student Ihave to be an important team member with the professor and fellow students and counsellor.

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I have to draw my priorities straight, need to be organised. To be a successful student, i have to be an active participant, be an interative student that bring good ideas or look forward to a good idea. be able to use effective time management technic.

I have to stay focused and try to take controll of my emotions. need to have stress management strategy. to be a successful student, i need to plan ahead and stay ahead.

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Prepare and give enough preparation time to lectures, class participation or forums, discussions, assisgnment. aviod procastinations. All these enumerated, i think will make a successful student. will put all effort and enthusiasism, using effective communication, time management skills and teamwork to be successful.

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How to Be a Successful Student: Strategies for Academic Achievement
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