How to Be a Chef Essay

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How to Be a Chef


My first intelligence was Bodily/ Kinesthetic. I’m very athletic and I love to play sports a lot. I play basketball after school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at my local community center. I even play basketball outside when I have spare time on my hands. I play a lot of 2K13 on my PS3 and my favourite team in the NBA is Oklahoma City Thunders because they have good players like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. I get better by shooting at certain spots on the court and practicing my lay ups. I play rugby for the Newman Knights. I started in grade 9 and I love to go to practice. When I scored my first try in rugby, it felt all my hard work and determination paid off.


My second intelligence is Interpersonal. I have many friends from my old elementary school and I also made new friends when I came to Newman. I socialize with many people at Newman; having laughs, tears of joy and always joking around a lot. I always go out with my closest friends to malls like STC or Eaton’s Center, after hanging out at my school or in my house to play PS3 and to other people’s house. I keep in touch with my friends on Twitter and texting them on my phone. I have fun texting people; it keeps me occupied and keeps my friends close to me no matter where I am. I also enjoy having group work with people, it’s easier to work with people because I don’t like working by myself.


My third intelligence is Visual/Spatial. I like to draw and do art when I’m bored. I like to draw Pokémon when I was a kid and I still do Pokémon drawings sometimes. I don’t like reading novels but I love to read manga and its Japanese base where you read it left to right. I love these types of books because I like to see the manga panels instead of reading books without pictures. I learn better when they show me a drawing, a demonstration, or an activity because I sometimes don’t understand when teachers explain without a visual representation. Such as in science, history and math.

Personality and True Colours

My dominant color is gold and the main characteristic of gold to me is dependable. I chose the picture of a quote saying “You’re even more dependable than alcohol” because I can always depend on my friends and they can also depend on me to be there by their side no matter what. People know that I’m nice, so they always say that I’m such a good friend to them. I always say yes to favors from my friends and they know I always finish the job no matter how big or small it is. I am always loyal to my friends and to my work in school. I chose an image of a wolf on top of a rock saying loyalty because as I said before, I’m always there when you need me like a dog. As the saying goes, “a man’s best friend is a dog”. I’m very loyal to people when they need me to do work or to get them something for someone.

I never tell any of my friend’s secrets to people because they trust me and I trust them with my personal things as well. I’m as loyal as a knight to the king or a friend who’s there to the end. I’m also a very responsible person. I’m responsible at home, school and in my life. I’m always on top of my chores and sometimes on top of my school work. I chose a picture of a dog cleaning up his feces because I always clean up after myself. I have chores at home like washing the dishes, cook and to look after my little brother and sister. At school, I try to be on top of my work and to my studies but sometimes I slack off with my work. When I make a big mess, I take responsibility to clean up and to say sorry to them if I made the mess.


The value I cherished in life is being a humanitarian. The picture that represent humanitarian to me is the Canadian Red Cross organization because I love what they do all over Canada; by donating food and money to people in need. I’m just like them because I help people who are in need. I help people at school with work and understanding concept in certain subjects like math or science. I help at home by doing chores and helping my sister with her homework. When I’m in public I help hold the door or pick up and return their belongings. I do these nice things out of the kindness of my heart. My second most cherished value in life is my beloved family. I love them no matter what happens in life, through thick or thin. I chose a picture of my family at my grade 8 graduation because they love and support me in my accomplishments.

Sometimes I have trouble with my family but I always say to myself that they love me no matter the kind of attitude I give them, if it’s me being nice or being rude to them. I use to have fights with my brother and sister but later on we would forgive each other and we would just laugh about it. I know my family would support me whatever I do in life. My last most cherished value is money. I love to make a lot of money in the future so I can go to college and one day to support my own family. The picture I chose was a person buying something in a store because I would love to spend my first paycheck on things I want. I know money doesn’t give people joy but it can make you happy by buying people things and to donate to organizations that will help the poor and people in third world countries.

Work/Life Balance

My career choice is one that relates to my strengths at this very moment and allows me to do what I love to do. That is to make people smile with my passion to cook food. The work environment that would allow me to cook is one where I can cook for families and to earn more experience from cook’s that could pass their knowledge to me and it would help me in the future. I wouldn’t quit my job in life because if I can make nice tasting food for people, it would make my job easy and enjoyable. My love in food is very strong and it’s my only passion in life that I would hold on to forever. If I choose to be a chef, it would make my life complete because it can help me feed my family and have fun cooking with them. It can benefit me by helping me strengthen my relationships with my friends by teaching them how to cook and to make them happy when they come over to my house.

It can help me in the future by cooking in community kitchen for all ages and it would fill my heart to see people in need eating my food, smiling at the food and thanking me. I cook a lot when I feel hungry at home. I would pop out my cook books and choose my favorite recipe. The way I cook makes me happy because it can bring people together and bring my friends closer to me. The hardship I would go through to get the job is to work my way up to an experience chef from what I know now. When I graduate from high school, I would like to take a culinary course in college and to gain more experience so I can improve my cooking skills. No matter the hardship it would take to become a chef, I will be dedicated to earn a cooking degree.

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