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How to analyze attack surface

In this article, we are trying to help CBSE Class 12 students with their CBSE Class 12th IP Computer Project. In this project, students are required to establish Java Netbeans – MySQL connectivity and make a CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Computer school-Project Work. This project needs you to basically make a setup in which the data is stored in MySQL and are available at hand in the software. In the front end, you have Netbeans, the backend is MySQL. As of now, we are only providing the written material for the file, the software project file for download. We’ll soon come up with a guide on how to make CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Project on Java Netbeans and MySQL connectivity.

The topic on which we have made the project is ‘Hospital Management System’. Students may choose their own topics. Disclaimer: Please note that this article is not an effort to let students copy down material straight into their files or use the provided project file straight in their own project. This is merely an effort to guide students and help them with the project work. Declaration

I declare that this project entitled “Hospital Management System” done at (school name) is a record of project work submitted by me for the partial fulfillment of the 10+2 of CBSE under the supervision and guidance of (internal teacher’s name). The Project is genuine and not a reproduction of any project previously done or submitted. (student’s name)

(admission number)

I extend my sincere thanks to my schoool (name of the school) which provided me with the opportunity to fulfil my wish and achieve my goal. I would like to express deep debt to (internal’s name), project guide for his/her vital suggestions, meticulous guidance and constant motivation which went a long way in the successful completion of this project. I cannot move on without thank beloved principal (name of the principal) for creating the required academic environment which made my task appreciable. On a moral personal note, my deepest appreciation and gratitude to my beloved parents, who have been an inspiration and have provided me with unrelenting encouragement and support. – (name of the student)

Today, be it a company, institution or a non-governmental organization, for the smooth running of them all, we need a backup of data, so that vital information can be stored, preserved, retrieved and used as per the requirements. Companies employ what they call computer operators who store and handle the database which stores all necessary information concerning the company. What is much needed is a proper interface which may enable us to handle such systems efficiently. This project entitled “Hospital Management System” has been developed with an aim to help one such organization – a hospital to easily manage and handle the data concerning it.

There are five types of actions performed by this project – Insertion – Data such as names, phone numbers, identification numbers, date of joining, qualification, etc. can be inserted and stored in case of staff and doctors. The trouble, doctor’s in-charge etcetera can be inserted in case of patients. Removal – Removal of the above-mentioned data can also be performed using a few clicks. Search – One may search between existing records by entering the identification number or name of the existing doctors, staff or patients. View – There are dedicated tables made for serving the purpose of viewing the details of doctors, patients and staff existing in a hospital database at a particular time.

Appointment – One can also get an appointment with a doctor using this project if connected with the Internet. The project is mainly divided into three modules, namely – Doctors – Details such as the name of the doctor, identification number, phone number, cabin number, qualification, etc. can be stored and handled. Patients – This module controls the storage and handling of data concerning patients, such as name, doctor in-charge, trouble the patient has, the date of admission and discharge, amount payable to the hospital, etc. Staff – This module efficient stores and manages data of similar nature, similar in the case of the other two modules. Hardware & Software Requirements

As mentioned above, the project is divided broadly into three modules, but being more specific, following are the modules (with their detailed descriptions) – Login Module – Obviously, this module does nothing but puts up the demand of the username and password of the administrator. (It is to be noted that in case of this project, the username is ‘netbeans’ and the password is ‘mysql’) Upon correct input of the username and the password, it redirects the administrator to the main page or the home page from where one can easily navigate across the entire project. Injection Module – The primary function of this project is to store data. To begin with, the injection module handles the insertion of data. Broadly there are three modules – Doctors, Patients and Staff.

The injection module is designed in such as way that it keeps the insertion of data ‘clean’. Using this module, the receptionist at the reception of the hospital, or the doctors, patients or staff themselves or whoever for the matter is administering the database can add / insert data concerning doctors, patients and staff. The other modules like suction module, viewer module etcetera can use the same data efficiently to carry out their objectives. Suction Module – This module has been created for the sole purpose of clean removal of existing data, namely the personal and non-personal data of doctors, patients and staff from the database of the hospital. We call it ‘suction’ because one doesn’t need to insert details one by one about any doctor, patient or staff to remove everything about that person. All that the administrator needs to do is enter the unique identification number of the person whose data is to be removed.

The suction module will first suck or pull the data like name and phone number etcetera from the concerning tables which in our case are doctor, patient and staff, put them before the administrator in respective text fields. Only upon confirmation from the administrator’s end, after he’s seen and verified the data displayed, the suction module will erase the concerned record. Viewer Module – This module has been designed to help the administrator or whoever else for the same matter, view data concerning the doctor, patient and staff of a given hospital’s database. For the sake of convenience and better user-application-interface experience, this module has been categorized into doctor, staff and patient and has been designed to serve data in a tabular method. Search Module – Easily fathomable, this module helps the administrator to search for a particular patient, doctor or staff conveniently.

All he/she needs to do is enter either the identification number of the doctor, patient or staff concerned or his/her name. The module will consult the database and the respective table and drag identifiable data, if it exists. Appointment Module – The appointment module does a simple job of helping a person get an appointment with the doctor he desires to consult. All that is required is the input of the correct unique identification number of the doctor. The name and the department of the doctor will be displayed in respective text fields. The user needs to specify the date and time and upon confirmation from his/her end, a message will be displayed mentioning details about the appointment. Advantages

This project has got a number of advantages. Following are some of the advantages: Using this project, one can easily make/insert new records and remove the same about doctors, patients and staff of a hospital. The interface between the user and the application/project has been designed to let the administrator/user proceed with insertion/removal of data easily. One does not need to write sophisticated code to carry out such operations; the project does it for you. This project makes getting an appointment from a doctor available at few simple and easy clicks. One doesn’t need to consult the database again and again in case one wants to search for a given record. The project has been created in such a way that the input of merely the unique identification numbers will instantly fetch all the records and display before you. Managing data has been made easy.

Efforts have been made to keep navigation as easy as possible. Not anyone and everyone can use the database. It requires permission. For this purpose a dedicated login module has been designed which does not allow one to proceed to the main page until the entry of the correct username and password combination has been made. For the sake of simplicity and convenience, if in future it is decided to launch this project as an open source, available-to-all project, one will be able to amend the setup without much trouble to modify the project according to one’s need. The user gets an extra edge due the inter-relatedness of the three tables through the project. Disadvantages

There is a merit and a demerit in every case and thing, so is in our project. We’ve been able to identify some and we do not feel hesitant to showcase the same – The password which is required at the start-up of the project is not encrypted, which creates a security loophole. There is no backup – recover system in this project. If the data is once lost, may not be recovered again. If someone uses the record viewing function, views all records and thereby removes the same, data will be lost forever. The overall security in the project is not so good. There is no option to hide the contact details like phone numbers and addresses of people, leakage of which may be fatal. Future Enhancements

Following are some possible enhancements which may be incorporated in this project in future: An encryption system may be added to keep data encrypted as an option to add security to the project. Forms may be created to inject, handle and retrieve data for medicines, overall financial status, etc. in the project. Facility to create more usernames may be incorporated.

More facilities and features can be added into the project for its efficient use through the Internet. A module to display the status of occupation in various cabin numbers and patient room numbers may be created. An SMS system may be created to send alerts to doctors on their mobile phones during emergency cases. A picture gallery can be added to showcase pictures of major successful cases, of doctors, of the management, etc. A system to contact doctors through e-mails may be created and incorporated. Screenshots

Successful_Login.jpg – We have entered the correct username and password and here’s the prize. Welcome_Page.jpg – This is the homepage, the main menu from where one can choose what to do next. It comes instantly after you log in successfully. Add.jpg – The above frame can be used to add a doctor, patient or staff. Add_Doctor.jpg – A filled up form to add a doctor. Clicking on ‘submit’ button inserts the record and we get a message – “Record Successfully Inserted”. Remove_Doctor.jpg – One needs to enter the ID number, the name and the department of the doctor (or patient or staff (as per the selection)) gets loaded automatically. A click on ‘Remove’ button removes the record successfully after verification.

Record_Doctors.jpg – A screenshot showing the list of the doctors existing in the database. Such record tables can be maintained for patients and staff as well, using this project. Search_Doctor.jpg – We’re searching doctors by ID Number. We entered the ID number and the record belonging to the number gets loaded up – A successful search! Appointment.jpg – Enter the ID number of the doctor you want to get an appointment with, verify the displayed name and department of the doctor, decide upon a time and if everything goes right, you get an appointment successfully. About.jpg – This is the ‘About’ page, which displays in brief about the aim of the project and a bit more. Menus.jpg – Too many menus? Well, navigate wherever you want to, do what you require! [You can download the screenshots by clicking on the links specified under the download heading] Conclusion

This was an effort to develop a simple Hospital Management System which may be useful to a hospital management to insert, store, handle and retrieve information about doctors, patients and staff. We hope you will like it

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