How the integration of all the systems contribute to normal functioning

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How the integration of all the systems contribute to normal functioning

All parts of the human body are extremely different and each one complex in the way in which they functioning. The integration of the eleven systems of the body are all essential for normal functioning and need interact to maintain a healthy body. An example of integration, is the respiratory system and the circulatory system. The respiratory system brakes down Oxygen (O) taken into the body. After this action has taken place, the Oxygen is then passed into the circulatory system to be transported around the body to provide cells with energy.

This energy is called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), without this energy the body and its functioning would fail. After Oxygen has been distributed around the body the waste product Carbon Dioxide (C02), is taken back to the respiratory system via the circulatory system to be excreted from the body. Another example of system integration is the relationship between the nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system and reproduction system. The nervous system collects information from around the body and processes it to give a output action. Arousal of the sexual organs, detected by the nervous system triggers a hormonal release.

The hormones, produced by the endocrine system in the testes and ovaries, travel through the circulatory system in the blood to the reproductive system. The two examples above show examples of Homoeostasis, which is the internal environment of the body which must kept balanced at all times. Should Homoeostasis fail or any of the body’s systems fail, temporarily or permanently, it can have consequences on the other systems in the human body. It can cause disturbance in the body functioning and can sometimes even result in death. Integration is absolutely essential for survival.


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