How the Environment Affects Us Everyday?

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How does gas exchange influence us as humans? In order for the process for gas exchange to happen, there are a few things that need to happen first. The cardiovascular system and the respiratory system need to be in really good shape as many of us humans try to keep these systems healthy, it just doesn’t always happen. Many illnesses and diseases can attack these systems, and it makes the gas exchange extremely difficult to happen for these systems. As we get age, the gas exchange can become very hard as the respiratory muscles weaken and the chest walls also become very rigid.

(Rizzo, 2016, p. 425).

How does our environment all our us affect the gas exchange every single day such as air pollution or even the quality of air that us humans breathe? Can the outside or even the inside environments even affect us as well? What about other factors as there are many to list.

As stated, the definition of gas exchange is a very critical process that is required.

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Our world, air pollution, smoking, genetics, even diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.(Howden, R. n.d). Various strategies have evolved in order to overcome the specifics of gas exchange challenges in many different environments and it has been quite clear that some genes are extremely pivotal to the development of gas exchanging organs.

Lower partial pressure of oxygen that is also called hypoxia, reduces the partial pressure gradient, and it makes the gas exchange more challenging and therefore the height in which makes the gas exchangers travel above sea level limited.

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Some human populations (e.g. Tibetans) and other animals (e.g. Bar-headed goose) have adapted very well to hypoxic conditions, and it has suggested that genetic factors are important. Different species successfully exchange gases in specific environments, for example animals that fly or burrow. Under these specific conditions, common genetic mechanisms, and their interaction with the environment, it helps to maintain, and is detrimental to, gas exchange. It gets more complicated with gas laws, Daltons, Law etc. which I will not get into.

In conclusion, gas exchange is important on how it affects us every single day. Our cardiovascular system, our respiratory system, our environment. Things like smoking, outdoor and indoor environments that us humans live in, ozone, diseases and illnesses also affect us. We need to be healthier, so we can live longer and stronger.


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