How the business deals with legal factors Essay

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How the business deals with legal factors

A legal factor that has a big impact on Tesco’s is protecting employees which, includes the laws about how many hours an employee can work. This amount of hours depends on the employees contract, if they are a full time member of staff then they have to work between 35-45 hours a week but no more, these hours also have to be over reasonably shift, for example having a 8 hour shift a day over 5 days a week. If they are a part time member then they can work any amount of hours a week as long as it is no longer the 35 hours. This can impact on Tesco’s as they have to keep to the terms and conditions of their contracts with staff , which could affect activates Tesco’s wish to do as they may not fit in the with hours the members of staff involved can work. Tesco’s can deal with this by offering willing to work staff overtime shifts, if staff are willing to do this, it means that Tesco’s doesn’t need to employ any more member which works out better for them as if they were to do this, they would then have to find the correct amount of hours agreed in the contact which might not be available.

Even though some staff maybe willing to work more hours, they may feel that because they are helping out the business that they don’t need to be as professional and honest as they are when working their own scheduled shifts, this article ( about how Tesco’s is trying to deal with this issue. Tesco’s has come up with this idea of its warehouse and forklift staff wearing electronic bracelets which helps improve the efficiency of it workers as it means they don’t have to carry around items such as pen and paper as the armband collects this data which also means they are collection correct data. This armband also allows Tesco’s to monitor their staff to check that they are doing their jobs when expected of them and that they are not taking any un-agreed breaks, the arm band also informs the staff of when they are allowed there breaks.

This helps Tesco’s make sure their staff are not working over the hours allowed or working under the hours agreed. A legal factor that impacts Tata motors is the protection of customers and employees, like all businesses Tata has to keep to legal factors and laws, the need to treat all of their customers fairly and honestly, this helps customers feel they can trust the business as well as giving the a good reputation. Challenges that Tata face when selling their products are making sure they pass the sales of good act which means they need to describe the product exactly how it is and not say it does something it actually doesn’t.

It also needs to pass the customer credit act. this article explains how they are going out of their way to make sure the give there customers the best service they possibly can. The article states that Tata motor has previously had problems with their customer service. They have taken this feedback and actually work on making it better by improving the quality of manufacture and repairs. How the business deal with social factors

A common social factor that affects business is equal rights for both man and female workers and peoples religion. This could impact Tesco’s as if anyone feels as though they are being judged or unable to do something because of these reasons then they could cause problems for Tesco’s by making complaints either to their managers or their union. To make sure this doesn’t happen Tesco’s has to make sure that their staff know that everyone treated the same and if there are people applying for a job they cannot turn them away because of these reason, the only way they can do this is if someone is disabled in some way and their disability would stop them from doing the job required, however if this is the care they have to inform this person that is the reason but in a kind way as not to offend them.

Tesco’s deal with these possible problem by getting new applicants to have a cv which is what they are judged upon or the job, they then have interview/trial which is so that they are then judged upon their abilities to do the job not on the gender or religious view. Tesco’s has coped well with this issues as if you are to go into their stores you are clearly able to see a balanced level of both male and female staff, Tesco’s also considers the religious view and has there store open later and close early on a Sunday as most religions see this a day of rest.

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