How Tesco and Oxfam businesses are organised Essay

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How Tesco and Oxfam businesses are organised


Tesco’s Hierarchical structure

Tesco’s has a hierarchical organisation structure. Hierarchical structure has several level’s arranged in a treelike construction with the person with most power at the top and the lowest at the bottom E.G. Managing director at the top all the way to the bottom which is the quality guard manager and financial accountants. Hierarchical structure is mainly used in big companies like Tesco. The disadvantages of the hierarchical structure are that if the financial accountants have a problem it would take its time to get the message to the right person which is the managing director. So making decisions will take long to make as it would take a long time to go up the hierarchical structure to put the idea in place. Mainly the first instructions in a hierarchical structure will have to be the managing director because the person has the most power and be able to control the company and it will make its way down to the bottom.


Oxfam hierarchical structure

Oxfam organisation structure is flatter than Tesco as there aren’t much of people working and organising the company. Oxfam organisational structure is geographical as they work around the world in and with alot of countries helping the less fortunate. The charity is controlled/run by a chairwoman who is in charge of a number of trustees who makes the main decisions in the company, So Oxfam structure is flat and it doesn’t take long. Whereas Tesco has to makes its way up in the hierarchy structure. Oxfam tries to keep the number of managers down and have more volunteers up. This is because Oxfam tries to keep the costs down as most of the trustees and volunteers don’t get paid.

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