How Societies Depend on Computers Essay

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How Societies Depend on Computers

In the 21st Century, the society that we live in has become highly dependent upon computers. The computers have increased the efficiency of the human resource by many times. It not only saves the society from a lot of work, but also acts as a source of entertainment. It is not only helping professionals in their office work but also helping children in their initial development. Businesses have reduced their requirements of human resource as they have adopted the computers in their processes.

Teachers and professors use computers today to aid in their lectures and activities with the students. The students are highly dependent upon the computers as they study online, word process their assignments, print their documents, study from e-books and search for anything that they do not understand in the lectures. The professionals in the workplace use computers to manage their work, to make schedules, take notes, for accounting practices and for getting assisted in decision making. Many corporations have implemented systems using computers as an alternative to the human resource.

Systems such as Enterprise Resource Systems (ERPs), Customer Relationship Systems (CRMs) and Decision Support Systems (DSS) help the top level management as well as the lower level staff to engage in best practices. Through these systems, the corporations reduce their costs, reduce inventory holding and get rid of excessive labor. The use of computers is not limited to the business today as governments have also started to incorporate computer systems in every aspect of public systems. Computers help monitor the traffic and manage the traffic through traffic signal lights and fines system.

The computers have made it into the kitchens of households as they control the microwave heaters, fridge, freezers etc. The computers are also now everyone’s pockets these days as smart phones are getting common and cheaper day by day. The traditional mails are replaced 95% by e-mails, which are free, and the access to internet has also enabled many other services. Computers are also replacing televisions in many homes as they include DVD players and are less costly. The general-purpose attribute of the computers are making them everyone’s favorite.

Everyone has some or the other use of computer daily. The banks are shifted to computers and internet banking has thrived. Where the computers are helping so much, they are also causing a lot of distress for many people and pain. Internet has made hacking easier for the hackers with the criminal intent. These hackers can erase important data and cause losses over millions. The popularity of computers has also brought with it the popularity of porn over the internet. There is no one who can stop children of illegal age to watch porn over the internet.

Some say that the new generation is getting spoiled because of the access to the internet and computers at home and at schools. With the advent of computers, the privacy of the people has been stolen from them as anyone anywhere can take photographs from digital cameras and make videos. However, the society would still have suffered if there were no computers. We would still be living in the middle ages if the use of computers would not have flourished in the society. It would not have been possible to have a video chat with your relative living in another continent for free if the computers would not have been invented.

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