How Smoking in Public Places Is Harmful Essay

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How Smoking in Public Places Is Harmful

Many studies and surveys have been researched and prove rather or not smoking in public places can be harmful to others. Studies have proven that smoking is hazardous to our health. When the person who smokes is active that makes the person that’s near him and inhale the smoke passive smokers

However, people have been smoking for many years smoking draws people in by using some type’s advertisement to draw them to smoking. Smoking is not a good habit smoking causes serious health issue to the smokers and also the people around them that inhale the smoke.

Cigarette also contains ammonia and other carbons which could cause other respiratory infection and lung cancer. The particles from smoke may cause cancers, emphysema and other side affects. Blood vessels raise blood pressure and give the effects the nervous system, which can lead to reproductive disorders in the long run.

Smoking in public places can be harmful to the heart by banding smoking in public places you significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks among the young people and young people and nonsmokers. Studies have proven that by banning smoking in public places that rate of people having heart attacks have been reduced by 26 percent per year.

Studies have really proven that smoking in public places can be harmful to our health in many ways even breathing in low doses of cigarette smoke can increase one’s risk of heart attack. Second hand smoke really increases the chance o heart attacks.

Smoking in public places is not only harmful for people that don’t smoke nut harmful, to young children and older people. Second hand smoke is extremely harmful to older people and young children. Smoking can be dangerous and deadly rather it’s first hand or second hand smoke the laws banning smoking might convince some people to quit smoking.

In conclusion smoking in the public really causes bad health issues. Heart attacks, strokes and other health problem. Smoking cigarettes can be deadly. Cigarettes are known as the silently killer. Smoking should be banned in some public places to help prevent heart attacks and other health issues. Studies have researched and shown how smoking in public places can be harmful to your health.

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