How Science Changed Our Life Essay

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How Science Changed Our Life

Science has been with us ever since our ancestors were barely civilized. It has simplified our lives to the extent that not only has it brought about positive effects but negative effects as well. Science is all around us, from the trash gathered in our waste basket to the chair, table and computer you are using to read this essay right now. To put it simply, as we continue our evolution, knowingly or unknowingly, the more we discover things through science and more change will be brought into our lives, whether we like it or not.

For example, ever since our primitive ancestors have discovered fire and created the first ever invention – the wheel – humanity’s life had steadily become easier over time. As time went by more and more inventions have been created and a lot has been improved. Medicine, for example, has been improved through research and with the development of more advanced technology some of the fatal illnesses that had plagued our ancestors could be cured now. These, among other things, are just some of the positive effects science has provided us throughout the years, but as with all things, when there is positive there will always be an underlying negative.

Some of these negative effects are pollution, an increased laziness in today’s youth and an even larger temptation to procrastinate using the internet – a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide – when people have more important things to attend to. As science continues to progress more and more inventions are being created, and more of the planet’s ecosystem is polluted causing some of the wonders of the world be destroyed or at the very least be hidden. Like the view of the night sky being ruined due to light pollution and the once clear waters of some bodies of water to become murky just to name a few.

Science has brought about changes in our lives that range from subtle to blatantly obvious. As proven by my essay some of these changes are not entirely positive nor are they entirely negative. As gradual a change as humanity’s belief that the world is entirely black and white to a world where it is seen that everything has their own grey area, science could be used as an instrument to improve all lives or a tool to bring about the destruction of the ecosystem and the gradual deterioration of all lives all over the world.

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