How Reality Determines the Truth Essay

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How Reality Determines the Truth

Reality for me is lesson learned meaning experience of an outcome during an event or any situation in human life. Truth on the other hand is human action of any event or experiences. Depending on the outcome or situation, human interprets it in numerous ways. Lesson learned is what human say is truth which can result in either a success or failure to accomplish a task. Whatever the outcome, plans of either making it better or do what can be done to correct the outcome if it surfaces as negative. Always telling the truth is always a positive thing to do Truth has always been reality to my life in so many ways.

The feelings human’s posses when the truth is told is the end product to solving any situation. Because we know what the truth is, human tend to make it better to prevent either reoccurrence of any negative issue or making it better if a gain is the outcome. My current husband has two children by his previous wife. On many occasions he wished he had never met her because of the deceit in the relationship that generated a negative outcome. I can honestly say the truth set him free when he found out that his oldest son was not his biological son. However, he remained in caring for him as his biological son because he was in denial.

Four years later, reality sets in and had asked the mother to reveal the truth to the now 15 year old son which is the real thing to do and to come to reality that someday the truth will definitely be revealed. I know there are numerous stories out there much worse than mine; however as human, I would want honesty to be the truth. The truth is real life experiences that I have had since my growing age is reality to me and I pray that I make better choices. If I had stayed in school, I wouldn’t be here today going through high school at this age. Reality had set in and now it is mandatory for me to rectify what mess I have created for myself.

In conclusion, reality is truth and truth is reality. It really does not matter how it’s being reviewed, the truth will set you free from heart aches. My opinion based on my understanding, both are inseparable. Reality will always remain the truth to any situation that human find themselves engaged with. Being responsible for our action will determine how truthful we have being to ourselves and our actions. Finally, reality will always determine the truth about an outcome. Therefore, they both go together because you can’t have one without the other.

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