How Positive Thinking Relates to Learners

How do you think? The way people think is the same way as learning. If you keep on thinking, and questioning about stuff, little by little you’re gaining knowledge, but still don’t have the answers to the whole world, there’s always knowledge to improve, and that is metacognition.

Students generally like to have their free time and not excessively work hard and use their brain. According to the article, “The new marshmallow test: Resisting the temptations of the web,” (Murphy Paul, 2015) talks about how students can’t resist their technology use and its affecting the classroom and their learning time.

It correlates to the article, “Metacognition,”(Chick, 2018, p. 1) says “one’s thinking and learning,” basically saying students need to gain awareness into learning, to understand and open their minds, ask questions because you’re never going to have all the answers. To have your own ideas, and know how you respond in your learning. If you keep giving all your attention to your device, you won’t have an idea on what happened in class.

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A lot of people know how to multitask and say it doesn’t affect them in class, but recent study on the article, “The new marshmallow test: Resisting the temptations of the web,” (Murphy, 2015, p. 3) says, “ Researchers have documented a cascade of negative outcomes that occurs when students multitask while doing schoolwork. First the assignment takes longer to complete, because of the time spent on distracting activities and because, upon returning to the assignment, the student has re-familiarize himself with the material,” your attention span can only focus on one thing.

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If you’re reading and listening to music with lyrics, the music is gonna distract you first, and it’s going to be hard concentrating on the book. The brain has only one capacity to focus one thing, and to remember. By focusing one thing at a time your knowledge would improve about this subject, and not leave you wondering what you learned in class.

Metacognition to me makes me think that I don’t really have all the answers to the world, and need to keep on exercising my brain to capture knowledge, and progressively start increasing my learning, because there is a lot of stuff out there, to not be ignorant and learn. Like for example, ask questions in class about the assignment, and grasp knowledge about it.

Do not be afraid to learn more. The more knowledge you have the more you can speak about it or teach other people who don’t know.

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