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How Personal Differences and Preference Can Impact Organizational Ethics Essay

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1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics. Ethics norms for conduct are that distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Also ethics is one of the important things in any kind of organization, and there are values and principles that help individuals distinguish right from wrong. Ethics depend on personality such as every single person has their own personality which based on culture and the way person was raised. Most of the human repeat their parents’ behavior. They watch how their parents act in this or another situation and the same thing they will do in the future.

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On the other hand, some people refused to respond this behavior and just fallow their own personality. In the broadest sense, ethics refers to the study of moral values, principles, and rules, including the determination of standards of conduct and obligations for individuals and organizations.

Although most people acquire their sense of right and wrong during childhood, moral development occurs throughout life and human beings pass through different stages of growth as they mature. Personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics no matter where you are going to work in the world you will come across a multitude of individual differences and preferences. An individual difference does not affect the individual alone, but everyone around them in an organization. In an organization, there is no way an individual can be treated the same way as the other employees because everyone’s personality is difference. Personal differences and preference in organizations also demonstrate the standard of ethics held by those shaping the culture — whether that standard is articulated in an ethics manual or deduced from behavior, or made visible in the gap between the two.

Think of an organization as another ‘being’ with its own set of ethics, which may or may not coincide with each employee’s ethics. While it’s true that organizations are run by people, organizational cultures (and market standards) often seem to take on a life of their own, thus influencing or regulating the behavior of the vast majority of people in them. Interestingly, in an InformationWeek Research survey of 250 Information-Technology and business professionals, only 54-percent say they have a personal code for evaluating the ethical and moral implications of business decisions.

Of those who do, 67-percent say it’s based on their company’s code of conduct; only personal experience polled higher (70%). Other studies show that more and more companies are appointing ethics officers, while high percentages of their employees say they routinely observe unethical behavior at work and are fearful of reporting it.

2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics because good they should be developed and based on good moral ethics. It is an organizations expectation that its employees will know the policies and abide by them. Organizational policies and procedures are usually depending on a guide of company. A guide communicates to the employees witch considered right or wrong. He or she often plays a positive role to make a strong company in ethics and behavior. However, it can also have a negative effect on employees’ behavior which follows organizational ethics. For example, most of the companies create organizational policies and procedures which help employees to do the right decisions. This kind of companies which have organizational policies inspires their employees to do better work and as a result they get a higher position in performance and profits.

Also this method make employees make there goals what they planned to rich however all these benefits strengthen the relationship between the organization and all those involved directly or indirectly to its activities. On the other hand, some time in companies you meet people who try to involved organizational politics and procedures, and this kind of personality is a problem for organization. It is because they think organizational politics and procedures of company don’t impact in their personality. Individuals like this can eventually bring a company to bankruptcy. For instance, an employee that does not agree with a company’s policy on property rights may decide to communicate confidential information to a competitor. In brief, organizational policies and procedures are important for any company. It will help managers to do the job and employees will make right decisions.

3. Discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing.

Valeria Young was a marketing manager at an international cosmetics and fragrance company Wisson. Valerie did not have a U.S. green card, only a special working visa, which allows non–U.S. citizens with unique skills to work in this country for a certain amount of time. Also, the company which
she was work on it sponsored her for master degree in Chicago University. The ethical dilemma what Valeria had been facing in Wisson that while she was working there, and she discovered that her boss had been receiving kickbacks from the two fragrance companies around $35.000. This situation was stressful for her because she didn’t know what the right decision. She asked herself should she sacrifice her carrier, education, status, and her coworkers’ future for unethical behavior of her boss.

The decision she made would influence her co-workers lives as well as her own. What about ethics? The manager of company Wisson Lionel Waters was a constant example of how not to be ethical in handling business and employees. Instead of being a leader who would help activate ethics mindfulness in others, he was the polar opposite. Some time he canceled meetings or did not show up at all, some of the company’s money was spent for his own good. Waters had never care about his employees or their jobs, all what was he care about it his own successes. To know all of this it was a hard decision for Valeria, she wished she had never seen those papers. It would have been much easier for her to continue her work as usual. 4. Recommend what Valerie should do.

Valerie situation is reminding me of immigrants and international students like me. I consider myself to strong ethical person, but if I will in the same situation like she was, I probably will do the same thing. The ethical dilemmas that Valerie was facing were not only about right or wrong, but her decision would affect her job security, interpersonal relations at work, immigration status including her stay in the country, career development including education advancement, promotion, and economic conditions.

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