How Nature And Trying New Can Make You More Creative?

There are times when we lose flow, when ideas doesn’t come as fast as it used to, when nothing no longer inspires you. When this happens you need to find an outlet to release the inspiration once again. It could be by painting, writing, coding, dancing, strategizing etc..

When you experience this moments, try to cultivate an environment where creativity can spring forth.

The lightbulb moments can come anytime. But if you wish to to open the inspiration channel more frequently, you need to set a gateway or stage for it to occur.

If you feel the creative stream has dried up, try these habit on a regular. It will provide you with a fertile ground for ideas to spring forth.

Get Bored

The mind needs quiet at times comes to open space for good ideas. Boredom can help you access it. We live in a world where our mind roams, when we free it, it opens a stream of input.

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It makes creativity easily accessible.

Don’t fear Boredom. It act as a catalyst to make the juice flow again.

Get out in Nature

For people who live in urban areas, they tend to forget how beautiful & creative the world is. Taking a look at nature helps bring the creative spark. Little wonder why art/nature is taught as a subject as it exposes one to some Beautiful & amazing painting and also history. Immersing yourself into nature for sometime (by unplugging yourself from daily grind) helps your senses grasp new ideas.

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Consume media that has nothing to do with your industry

Staying up to date with recent trends, news & happenings is a great way to go. Doing things outside of your work like listening to podcasts or reading articles helps you find inspiration in places you least expect. Just like how musicians for the example find inspiration from sources different from music. As it said, great ideas come from places you least expect. Step out of you usually do and try something else.

Get your hands dirty

If you’re one that meditate you’ll know that certain connection comes from our body and mind. Some struggle or find it hard the routine of meditating. Getting your hands dirty by doing things like raking, gardening, building, cleaning etc can open your mind to be creative and relaxed as you get involved in these tasks. It opens the mind.

Explore New places

Exploring new views and sights can open your mind to lot of things. Sometimes our brain can turn off my seeing the same people, hearing the same sound. Venturing by going out of your path to focus can help you see what you’ve been missing. It also exposes you to things that can spark your creativity

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