How My country save water Essay

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How My country save water

I live in Saudi Arabia, people here consume water more than a person needs triple times on world level. Though that my country geographically considered one of driest regions in the world we have two main sources of water: Aquifers.

Sea water (desalination).
People waste water sometimes without even notice that: while they making ablution, washing a car, cooking, shower…etc. When Government noticed how people consumes water they took Preventive methods to save water, such as: Awareness campaigns through the media and educational pamphlets. Free water appliances (taps, shower heads, toilet boxes) were distributed, reportedly resulting in a decrease of residential water use of between 25-35%. Water reuse were way that Saudi handled this issue.

Saudi recycler’s 40 percent of the water used for domestic purposes in urban areas. To this end, recycling plants have been built in Riyadh, Jeddah and other major urban industrial centers. For example, recycled water is used for irrigation of farm fields and urban parks, ablution water in mosques is being reused for the flushing of toilets. Dams are used to capture surface water after frequent flash floods. This water is used primarily for agriculture and is distributed through thousands of miles of irrigation canals and ditches to vast tracts of fertile land that were previously fallow. For me as member of my community I can contribute to preserve water: Use the water appliances that government distribute.

Educate my community around me stringing with myself and family. Recycle the water that I use if I were able to. For example, while cleaning vegetables or fruit I can use the rest of that water in irrigate plants. Beware of water amount that I use.

On the other hand my second example that I noticed here is public roads and how the traffic can be crowded usually in Riyadh. Since Riyadh start urban development, we have noticed how crowded the traffic can be.The road that you used to take to go from your home to your job takes 20 minutes now it could take hour or more. I think Saudi still in the process of getting a solution. Government and people starts to find out what are the causes and solutions of this bad traffic which are: Most of the student and employees’ go as the same time 6:00 AM. So, as solution we may let them go on different timing. The huge transport trucks move freely at any time. So, as a solution determining time for these trucks at certain time a day Absence of strict rules to those who disobey the system while driving. Also, as solution traffic police should apply the rules with more strict on those who break the law. And more solutions that government or people can do;

Have different transport way than cars. That’s why Saudi now is heading to build Riyadh metro expected to start running on 2018. Some youth like Muhammad Al-Farris, who create an app called (Zahma O La) on play and apple store. Google maps can show traffic line.

My Resources:
Wikipedia,Riyadh Newspaper, Dr.AbdulRahman M. Saleh article Crowded at Riyadh City.

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