How multi agencies work together Essay

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How multi agencies work together

There are many agencies that we work with to help with children and young peoples development. When we look at behavioural development, social interactions and speech development all these agencies link together. We use nursery transition days to help the child settle into their new environments and arrange intake visits and meetings with the school for a smoother transition. Social services is used if we have any concerns of a child’s well being so then police and a designated social worker would also be involved. The health team are always on hand to help if any families need support with parenting or any development issues. They will then offer parents appropriate courses such as nurturing.

At Playgroup we can point in the right direction of any help needed such as our family intervention officers who go into the family homes and will discuss any problems families may have. We run a language and play session which families are invited to where they can enjoy some one to one time with their child to do various activities that will enhance development and build parents confidence too. We have various teachers who can give us support too that work within flying start that can give advice on children’s development and help observe children if we feel there are any problems. Also we can offer one to one support to children if they need it as many of us have had relevant training through senco.

We work with health visitors on a daily basis as they are in the same building as us. They give us all relevant information on new children due to start and if there are any concerns with children already with us. We would discuss any issues we have with any children to the designated health visitor of the child as they have all relevant information on that child. Sogs assessments are a good way to see if a child is lacking in any developmental stage and these are used to determine if any outside agencies are called in to discuss anything further.

We have also worked closely with social services and have attested child protection conferences. These help us understand what is going on with the child in their home environment and will help us understand if there have been changes in the child’s development at Playgroup too. We are able to keep all information confidential and it is only available to the relevant people involved. All staff are made aware of any children that are put on the child protection¬†list and all staff have their child protection training updated so we are aware of what we do if we are unsure of a child’s well being.

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