How Much Time Do We Spend on Technology

Do you think you are spending too much time on technology? When you are looking at media, watching videos, or just simply listening to music, you are spending a lot of time on technology. Our world is being taken over by technology. People are using way too much technology.

Studies have shown that an adult spends an average of 5.9 hours a day on technology or more according to Rob Marvin. In 2008, an adult would use an average of 2.7 hours a day on technology and that is including desktop and laptops.

Each year adults spend more and more time on their technology. In 2012, an adult spends roughly 4.3 hours on technology.

When we go to school we use iPads instead of paper. The problem with that is that we are using our iPads for every class and that is at least 8 hours a day on our iPads and that is just at school. Kids go home and they text their friends or they play xbox or fortnight and are spending more time on electronics.

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Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s not only kids that are using too much screen time, it is adults too! When you look around you see that a lot of people are on their phones or iPads. When you go to a restaurant you see that a people are on their phones instead of talking to each other. The average age a kid gets their first phone is 10 years old.

There are a few people that say that they don’t use that much technology.

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Apple came out with an update iOS 12 to help you spend less time on technology. It is called screen time. It helps you set limits on your technology, and it keeps you from checking your phone at nighttime. It is useful so that you can know how much time you spend on your phone and set a limit so you can spend less time on it.

Other people think that it is good to spend that much time on technology. Kids don’t realize how much time they are actually spending on their iPads. It isn’t their fault that they have to use iPads to get their homework for school done. They just spent another hour on their iPads doing homework.

Researches from Brown University have found that children who spent more time watching tv, playing video games, or just using a smartphone we’re less likely to finish their homework, and showed less interest in learning overall. We are spending more and more time on technology over the years according to Rob Marvin. That is including laptops, iPhones, and other unconnected devices. If we spend spend less time on devices then it will help you get your homework done or anything you are trying to accomplish. If people would use their phones less than you would see more talking with each other and it would be a better world.

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How Much Time Do We Spend on Technology

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