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How Much Land Does a Man Actually Require? Essay

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How Much Land Does a Man Actually Require?

Human nature pushes us to want more and more. In the story, “How much Land does a Man require?” Pakhom, the protagonist, portrays the nature of Greed in Humans. A simple peasant living in the Countryside in his Lust for Power, status in Society, wealth seeks to own more and more Land and eventually finds himself losing everything including his Life.

The usage of “Land” in the Story makes a direct Metaphor for the Greed of more wealth and Stature. Even today, the issue of Land is very Important just as it was during the early Capitalism Epoch where the Story takes place.

Pakhom went through many transactions for various Lands at different Prices; As Socrates said, “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” This is applies well to Pakhom. We are never content with our Lives, no matter how off we may be and while trying to out stand the standard of Living, and we put ourselves in the eyes of danger, ending up with nothing!

Pakhom brags that even the Devil cannot stop him if he has Land, thus the devil secretly challenges him. Pakhom’s path for an apparent “Glory” begins with The Barina, 15 Dessiatins does the Job well, but he was harassed by the neighboring Peasants and moved to the Lands beyond the Volga and he was allotted 50 Dessiatins. Pakhom lived happily for 5 years before he grew frustrated and began to cast for an estate outright. He closed a deal with a Peasant who was willing to sell 500 Dessiatins for 1000 Rubles When Pakhom hears about the Land of The Bashkirs, he is delighted and wishes to own some of their Land, when he is further told that the Price is only 1000 Rubles for the Area of Land that he can in a Day, he is Overwhelmed and Excited, he sees a Future of Possibilities and hopes to cover at least 5o Versts.

Pakhom completes the challenge and gains much Land indeed but it is Short Lived as the Strain has drained the Life out of him and he is Dead.

His Servant sees the blood flowing from Pakhom’s Mouth, he mourns over his Death and digs up a plot of Land 6 Feet by 2 Feet, just enough to bury him, thus, ironically answering the question posed in the title. How much Land does a Man Require? Pakhom reached out for too much, he was too greedy; all we need is about Six Feet of Land.

Let us suppose that Pakhom could have gained wide land, farmed and gotten a big ranch. Still, he cannot help but die some day and be buried in a six-foot grave. And then, does such a huge land have any meaning ultimately? Sadly, no it does not.

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