How motivate the second language learner Essay

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How motivate the second language learner

The students are always motivated, and when we talk about motivation, it refer to student`s efforts to learn. Positively motivated students are more pleasant to learn, prepare more carefully for class, participate more actively and achieve more than negatively motivated students. Teachers should recognize that to improve motivation they will be dealing with cognitive, affective, social and perhaps even psychomotor variables. These recommendations are being offered as positive suggestion for improving student achievement motivation and also some thing which should not happen to participating students if high level of motivation is to be maintained. First, we should clarify for the student what is the goal of the course and what they have to do to achieve these goals.

For reach this goal we should assist them. Give them feedback, and summarize important content of each class. We must have review sessions to help the student to recover what they learned. Use the example, that is, use a material which is related to what they know, in fact we should have a work which is creative and these activities should be purposeful. Give an exam and take them a test to motivate the student to have a better work. These are the cognitive works which we can do for motivate the students. In addition there is some affective variable which the teachers can done to motivate the students.

They should avoid the practices which produce or continued anxity. A positive attitude toward the speakers, class and the teacher of the second language improve the motivation of language learner. Know the needs of students to achieve in some area. The teacher must be able to give reward for good work and punish for poor work if it is necessary. Use audio-visual aids whenever possible within reason. Plan for activities during the term. give them assignment to improve their proficiency. When applying a concepts use context which interesting the students Also there is some instruction to not be done in order to keep the student motivated. The student should not be made to suffer a lose of self-esteem and not be in a discomfort position like sit for a long time or cant hear what is said in the front of class.

Or not asked them to take a test of what they don’t know or have an incomprehensible question. And should not be in inferior groups, or even ask them to be in a group of students who are superior learners. In conclusion to meet student needs, the teacher needs to make a commitment to themselves and to each student, to help that student grow. The purpose of teaching is growing the students knowledge which is be done by improving a motivation. If the teacher be aware of students need an the position of the class he/she can improve the level of the students` motivations and as a result their knowledge will be grow and language learning will happened as good as possible.

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