Have you ever thought about how many words the author used in this or that book? If you have recently been asked for the purpose of writing an essay, a term paper or even a book, then you know how difficult it is to make sentences by coordinating thoughts.

As a result of the calculation, we found quite interesting facts, which our readers will surely like. So, let’s look at the books through figures.

In 1995, the light saw a book about “the boy who survived.” The children’s novel was written in non-children’s more than 300 pages. They reacted calmly to the novelty in the market – parents were not in a hurry to buy such a weighty volume for their child because it is difficult to overload a large amount of text for a child. Reading is possible only after the full capture of the spirit and the presence of a fascinating story. Nevertheless, day after day, rumors spread in the world about the chic plot of the book, about the incredible adventures of the main characters and about the very trinity of inseparable friends. We all know Ron, Harry, and Hermione. In the beautiful world of magic, that is so close to the ordinary world, and at the same time, so far from it, a story was developed in 7 extraordinary and successful books.

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Harry Potter – 7 Books, 199 Chapters And One Story That Will Forever Remain In Our Hearts

Books about Harry Potter are popular all over the world. Often, those who read the first volume will not stop until they finish reading the last book in the series. And often people think – oh, I read 400 or 500 pages, it’s so much. And only a few are interested, but how many words did I read?

And so, something that is not often considered to be a simple number of words that passes through a person’s mind during reading. For those who like to follow the number of read words or for those who are thinking about how to develop a love of reading with their children – a series of books about Harry Potter is a great way to do it.

The answer to the question – how many words in the original series of books about Harry Potter – you will certainly surprise. The total number of words in the series “Harry Potter” is more than 1 million words. Just imagine the amount of more than 1 million words (one and six zeros). Such a volume of words is awesome. After reading a series of books for 1 million words, speech becomes more expressive, thoughts – more harmonious, and language- more beautiful. So if you want to instill in your child the love of parity – Harry Potter will be your best friend in this business.

A series of books consists of seven full-scale books, ranging from 75 thousand words to more than 200 thousand words. It should be noted that by the end of the series the size of books is increasing because more and more stories and faces of the characters are revealed closer to the end of the story.

In the books, there are many beautiful descriptions, in which a large number of beautiful adjectives are used. Also, books are rich in dynamic dialogues, which use a large number of complex and simple verbs. Comparisons, epithets, and metaphors make the writing style really lexically rich, which, in turn, does not prevent the text from being understandable, and the meaning – to be simple to understand.

These books show the reader such emotions as the ability to rejoice and be surprised, experience a sense of justice and compassion, a desire to learn, with the need to realize who you are on whose side you are.

In books about Harry Potter, such usual themes as love, friendship, courage, and anger are mentioned. However, the manner in which they are presented, determined the success of this series. Each book is a small world into which you are plunged. After each read-through book, there is only one question: “so-so, so where is my next book about this boy?”