How is the self constituted through individual determination and social forces?

Most of the time we experience in this world help us to construct such as our language, racial identity and peoples high expectations, so which lead us to experience the world conviction.

Languages has positive impact on individuals thoughts and self identity because it helps us to communicate with one another. Language is a key to all of us, which we use to reflect our thoughts, to express our feelings and to teach our cultures to others. Language is really important to identity because it helps us to understand our relations to the world and how we understand our futures.

The more we let others people to know about us, the more people know about our identity and cultures. According to the author Sonia Saldiver, she states ” A languages with which they can connect their identity to, one capable of communicating the realties and values true themes – a language with terms that neither espanol ni ingles, but both” (77). This shows that how language and identity interact, when we speak or communicate with people we actually developing the idea of our self identity.

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In contrast, being able to speak the English language is not just being able to communicate, it has own rules and conventional form of words. We still need to keep our ways of speaking skills, in order to be active with other peoples. Based on the the poem by Jamila L yiscott” I can help to diversity your consumer market is all i wanted them to know and when they call me for the interview I’ll be more than happy to show that I can say: What’s good, whatagwan, and of course…”.

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In other word, she speaks english languages with different ways in different situations. Which also help us to find a better job between many other things.

Parents love their children and they want them to have the best life so they expect their children to do things that they are not able to do it yet and punish them based on that expectation. It can lead to increase peoples self awareness and self motivation but as the positive impact it has a negative impact on self development because the high expectation on ability measures can make less self belief or it can reduce peoples motivation commitment. As the author describing himself, he is surrounded by peoples that they want him to be succeed. His family want him to be the great and kind person which helps him to improve his self esteem. In my understand the concept of social influencer help us to determine what to think, feel and do in life. According to the authour Mychal Denzel Smith “ he wanted me to be an upstanding citizen with unimpeachable credential who could be again everyone’s respect so they might see me as more than “ just another black man” and come see me a man” (9). This evidence shows that how he influenced by socials, which engaged him to be the better person and dependable. When those expectations start to become self realization, the concept of our belief toward them might increase because the more we experience peoples point of view the more we get to work on it. On other hand, the sense of our self esteem is reduced by social life, what I mean by that is that the more we get to close to social life the more we become adopted or influenced by them. We might feel good sense of comedy because others say so. But the way we react might not make feel safe for others because it depends on ethinic and culture for example how stereotypically white to black use English language in different sounds. the most black minority speak improper or inappropriate languages, which is makes others fear. In contrast, people think that, white people they are respectful and speak very appropriate languages. Based on the author history” I wasn’t not allowed to sag my pants, or say the “ n-word,” or listen to rap music that had explicit lyrics. My mother corrected my English whenever I dropped my g’s or stretched sentence with “me and…” I wan’t supposed to ever give to anyone the opportunity to think of me as less than”(9). It’s basically reflecting that people have different aspect of their identity based on their background. Language is not just for communicating device it’s also shape our perspectives in our lives.

Racial identity is one of the main thing for self identity development because the more we learn about our history, the more we developed the concept of who we are, and it’s important to acknowledge who we are and everything that makes us. So in order to do so there must be a racial equal rights for everyone to practice their religion, and their culture background. Because based on the the article “ fear in two winters” I can see how he felt isolated because of his religion the embarrassment of his physical appearance. Most peoples undermined others culture or beliefs so we try to fitt in their expectations and we steeped out of from our cultures. “ I stopped wearing a kufu, stopped praying daily, unless I was visiting home. I spoke little to no Arabic, which I was always self-conscious about doing anyway. It felt easier this way, fitting in without having offer explanation”(215). Based on this quote he is trying to fulfil their expectation because they make fun of him the way he dressed up, which is so rude so it’s kinda of hard for him to build himself in America so the only choice he got was to make himself invisible or hide his identity in order to connect with them. But alongside, even though there is a negative view minorites, we shouldn’t give up easily on our cultures or identities because our culture is the only thing that make us who we are. For me I can a lot of pride in my culture because its the culture that influenced my personality. My beliefs and traditions haven’t changed from when I was still in Ethiopia, because America have freedom for all. But no matter what, if I were born here or in my home country, traditions, and beliefs still follow me throughout my life.

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