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How is Anorexia Caused? Essay

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Newspapers, magazines, television etc all have a good relationship with the media. The media is known everywhere from England to Australia. The majority of the public tend to pay more attention to the media and society rather than self belief. It’s like a ‘tag-a-long’ in a group. The only reason for this is that people seem to behave and act the same way influencing others to do so. This does make sense because the person may feel left out. In other words they feel insecure. I will be discussing if the media does or does not have a large impact on society.

Anorexia is believed to be mainly caused by the media and the celebrities who are involved throughout the media. Young teens who have not yet reached the stage to answer their own questions e.g., “why do I look like this?” “Why can’t I look like her?” etc, gradually change their eating behaviour or even go out and buy products that aren’t even promised to reach their target. The reason that people do such things is because the media makes the person feel low and acts like a dictator stating how people should look, acting near enough against natural beauty and destroying people’s lives for money. They effect them mentally as the may get paranoid which gives them no satisfaction as they tend to think negatively leading them to be another systemised person who is easily influential. In this essay I will also conclude my opinions on this matter and also bring out evidence for my reasons.

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Anorexia occurs because of many things for e.g. bullying, lack of socialisation, low self esteem etc. The media take advantage by making money out of these types of people (usually young adults or teenagers). This clearly shows that the media have no sympathy for these people and they try and make money out of it. This shows that the media are selfish. They aren’t bothered really about how you look, they just want to make money out of their products. The media commonly take over people who aren’t as open minded as others and are more closed minded people. Instead of a pupil having control of their life the media do, acting like a drug that is like an addiction.

This causes many problems for the pupil such as; being distance from family/friends, spending money without thinking, becoming broken financially etc. It’s as if the Media is some sort of plague that cannot be stopped. The Media even takes control of celebrities’ private lives. For example, the paparazzi risk so much to take pictures of two famous celebrities having an affair or doing something wrong, causing havoc, having a disagreement or even things like not paying attention to dress wear. The next morning its in the paper and people who need the Media to survive mainly buy magazines such as ‘Heat’ to check on the updates on celebrities and the bad and good which leads to the Media making even more money. At this point, the Media acts like a huge giant with two arms, one holding the public and one holding the celebrities, controlling the two. The majority of anorexics are females even though many males are affected. Females are usually more single minded than males. They are also more hardworking students in school. The family usually have high expectations which may put a lot of pressure on the child. Fearing GCSE’s or A’ Levels is also another issue that leads to anorexia.

What people do not understand is that the Media need us to survive for example, if the same amount of public that buy newspapers, magazines, products etc stop completely for a month, the Media would begin to struggle and this would lead them to become bankrupt. Therefore, the causes of many people’s lives have been created by themselves spending their money to keep this cause going on. Now, the Media aren’t all bad but actions they take create negatives responses such as; hiring people to tele-market, market research rapidly, give out samples of latest products over and over again. Many people being to have enough. Many people don’t fall in their trap easily and have things to say against the Media.

Many people think that the Media is absurd. Many think that the Media are great such as; the people who buy the products rapidly, they tend to have a sense of satisfaction when they buy the product and they thank the makers. Many parents have had discussions with doctors trying to find a way to stop anorexia if they or their child has this problem. Doctors have responded and answered that the parents need to have often discussions with their child notifying if or if not they have seen any changes by realising their sociability whether it has improved or not. If the responses are leading to the positive side, (showing improvements) then this shows good results and may be the cure for removing anorexia from their child. But if the child still shows negativity, then further actions need to be taken place such as; hospitality treatment or even in the Intensive care unit (ICU). Visiting a psychiatrist may also be an acceptation. If the child is given facts, and cooperates optimistically and is shown both sides of the question that they are dying to answer in their head, then this will lead to the reason why the anorexia started and the pupil will learn to understand the facts and forget about having an eating disorder. Therefore, if the child is 100% satisfied, then this is when the child blocks out the present causes and becomes more open minded and mentally stronger.

In many ways the Media are clever at fooling people to buy their products. Using graphics and special effects on posters to make the viewer think the outcome of a product is seriously believable as shown on the advertisement. Some celebrities e.g. Britney Spears and JLO make their own perfumes. This is another problem. Both celebrities have many fans that look up to them and could seem them as their role models. Therefore, as soon as their fans see this product, the just have to have it to feel and be like them to get that satisfaction of feeling great. This all leads to the same thing again. Money. These perfumes start competing with other famous brands such as; Hugo Boss, Versace who are famous for their enduring fragrance and expensive clothes.

The Media is most certainly biased as the public are made to believe that they can be the most perfect female or male in the world, which leads to all this negativity and breakdowns within people, destroying them mentally or even physically. However, if you see films such as ‘Rocky’, Rocky is meant to be the best boxer in the whole world and in these films you see him wearing different make brands such as, Hugo Boss, Adidas and Nike. This is another type of advertisement. It makes people think ‘ah’ lets get these so I can feel and be like Rocky and feel like the greatest champion in the world. This whole influence has been unnecessarily created by the Media to make money. It isn’t hard to understand at all. In fact it really does make a lot of sense. The Media is economically a huge leading cooperation. One of the main reasons it is so economically powerful is because of the public. The public aren’t really to blame. In society you get individuals or families who are big spenders or small spenders. The whole point of a business is mainly to make profit over products sold to fool people which the Media are good at doing. From writing articles about celebrities or trying to sell a product.

Anorexic symptoms may lead to weaker thinner bones or osteoporosis later in life. The NHS has a number of anorexic units. The difficulty is that there is a long waiting list. It would take several months for an interview. Some females have mild illnesses and may regain normal weight successfully at home. More often the illness is more severe than this and an admission of several months will be needed to regain normal weight. Usually with dieting, females reduce ‘puppy’ fat. As females are more determined to lose weight more than males, this causes frustration, anger and deceit for the females to face. Bribery or bullying by friends or family would fail to change eating behaviour usually. At this stage the family would begin to get concerned and they would become mentally stressed themselves because of this situation. A female of average height will probably be unable to continue school once her weight falls below around 6 stone.

Overall I think that the Media has a huge impact on society and on one’s mentality. But I also think anorexia can be caused by the upbringing of a child. This really depends on how strong they are mentally. If they have low self esteem this may lead to many things including anorexia or even bulimia which is an even bigger illness related to anorexia. The Media adores making money and this shows that they are also to blame.

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