How Internal and External Forces Affect Organizational Behavior Essay

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How Internal and External Forces Affect Organizational Behavior

Analyze how internal and External Forces Affect Organizational Behavior Examples of Internal and External Forces Include the Following:

Competition: Some Chief Executive Officers when trying to build a high performance work culture will use a strategy that pits one employee against another employee to form a competition between the two. Methods such as these may entice employees to work harder, but sometimes these tactics will backfire and undermine employee cooperation.

In-house internal competition does sound logical to many managers, employ the best people and evaluate them on regular intervals with sound measures. Then rank them from best to worst, unload the worst then praise the best, and shower them with money, and promotions while devoting enough attention to the rest of them so that they will not leave, and keep working hard.

“The rhetoric of competition is appealing in our individualistic sports-oriented society, and we revere executives who talk about tough competition, survival of the fittest and the virtues of winning.” Past-news Organizational-Behavior-The-Enemy-Next-Door

The economy: Hiring practices have changed dramatically over the years. Quality individuals are being employed, and immediately they are trained for positions within the organization. Companies are investing in low or unskilled workers and training them at company expense. In the past this has been a warning sign to businesses. As the economy rises, organizations are coerced to hire worker who are less experienced.

This means that there is a loss of productivity. However, salary increases have remained the same at an increase of1.8%, down from the 3% in 1998. “Productivity, which should have been much lower, has proceeded at 2% annually. Part of the explanation for this unprecedented trend seems to be the investment of companies into equipment.

Technology has become so accessible that unskilled workers, bolstered by new technology, can be many times more productive”

Retrieved from Business Week Online June 10th, 2011 “The Economy’s Rising Tide,” by David Leonhardt, and Laura Cohn

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