How important was foreign aid in Henry VII’s seizure of the English thrown? Essay

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How important was foreign aid in Henry VII’s seizure of the English thrown?

This essay will assess, to what extent, how important foreign aid was to Henry VII’s seizure of the English thrown. Comparing foreign aid to other main factors, Such as Betrayal to Richard III, Trust in Richard III and Henry VII’s actions. My personal view is that foreign aid was very important to Henry VII’s seizure of the English thrown. Foreign aid was important to Henry VII’s seizure of the English thrown, as foreign aid was his main source of help. Such as when he was under house arrest in Brittany. Brittany let Henry VII flee to France with his followers. Henry VII knew that if he stayed Richard III would most probably execute him. Without having this vital help from Brittany, Henry VII’s journey to become king would never have happened. Charles VIII promised Henry VII 40,000 liver but only gave 10,000 liver. In order to get a substantial amount more, Henry VII pawned some items he owned. Henry VII was promised liver but didn’t quite get the amount he was hoping for. This was helpful for Henry VII but he never received the right amount of money promised.

Meaning that he couldn’t spend a lot of money on Soldiers and preparation. Causing Henry VII to suffer in the Battle to follow. This fact didn’t help Henry greatly on his seizure of the English thrown. France also promised Henry VII soldiers but he was given Franks Archers Instead. This foreign aid from France was helpful, but not as helpful as it would have been if France had given what was promised. Henry has not got very skillful soldiers now so yet again Henry VII will suffer in battle again Richard III. Betrayal to Richard III also helped Richard to the Thrown. As Lord Stanley (Henry VII’s stepfather) communicated information that he had heard about Henry VII, to Henry VII without Richard III knowing. This also links into Foreign aid as with knowing that Henry VII was going to go underhouse arrest again Brittany let Henry VII flee to France.

This is important to Henry VII getting to the thrown, but not as important as foreign aid. Betrayal to Richard III, is not as import as foreign aid. As foreign aid was the start of Henry VII’s seizure. Whereas betrayal to Richard III is just a stepping stone in the middle of Henry VII’s seizure. Making it not a major factor. Henry also had an advantage as Richard III had lost the trust of his nation, by putting the north nobles in charge of the south of England. This gained further support for Henry VII from the south of England. Gaining Henry support for not even lifting a finger. This helped Henry VII’s fight to the thrown but all by Richard III’s doing. This is not a major factor in the seizure to the English thrown, it helped Henry VII, but he could have gained support without Richard III loosing the trust in him as a nation.

From Richard III loosing support France was more eager to support Henry VII’s conquest. Henry VII’s actions also helped him to seize the thrown. Such as promising to marry Elizabeth of York. This made the Lancastrians and the Yorkists seize fighting. This was very clever or Henry VII as now he had both sides supporting him. This was on par with Foreign aid, to the importance to getting Henry VII on the thrown. As Henry now has noble families on his side rather than Richard III creating more Solders, as noble families will now give Henry some of there own Solders. This will help Henry VII, as France didn’t give what they’re promised.

Henry VII will now be able to fight Richard with a fair amount of soldiers that he has gathered. In conclusion Henry VII’s more important factor, which helps him seize the English thrown is foreign aid as in comparison to all of the other factors, Henry VII could not have traveled to England, also he would have still been stuck under house arrest in Brittany. All off the factors are inter linked with each other. Meaning that Henry VII couldn’t have attacked Richard III without any of them Happening. Foreign aid over all is the most important though, as he would not Have had a chance to fight Richard III without the help that he was given.

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