How Important is Money Essay

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How Important is Money

Money plays a huge role in most people’s lives, as many of the decisions we make are solely based on their economical connotations. Money can determine what class system you are in, what sort of lifestyle you lead and how often you go abroad. However, money affects some people’s lives in different ways than others. My entire lifestyle is debatably controlled by the amount of money my family has. If my parents had less money, I would not have the privilege of going to a private school, nor have the opportunity to travel as frequently, or perhaps be able to afford the technology I possess. As I have little money of my own, I am completely dependent on my parents’ earnings in order to maintain a good quality lifestyle. As well on relying on my parents to sustain our lifestyle, I am given a small amount of money each week, which influences some of my day to day decisions.

The choices I make include whether or not to save up for something in particular, or what to spend my money on. Without money I would not to be able to travel anywhere in London, which plays a very important part of my life, as I commute to school every morning. Although my dependency on my parents financing my life suggests that money is the important factor of my life, it also suggests that the amount of money we receive is out of my control, and the decisions which my parents have to make, such as how much to spend on the new house, are affected by money, not mine. My day to day decisions rarely concern how much money is in my pocket, as the amount of pocket money I receive is out of my control. Most of my decisions involve school work or my social life; very few of them are affected by money.

Not being the breadwinner of the family as I am still in school, money arguably has little impact on my life directly as I have very little choice on what my family’s money is spent. For example, if someone’s father decided they wanted to spend a certain amount of money on a holiday, the child who spent his summer holidays in France was fortunate enough not to be at home because of his father’s decision, not the actual money that payed for the holiday. So the money, although having an indirect effect on that child’s summer, was not the most important factor influencing his life. Although most of us do not enjoy having money playing such an important part of our lives as without money many complications and anxieties would be avoided, we cannot help it as it influences most of our choices in life, and we must learn how to spend and save it wisely, without taking it for granted.

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