How ICT impacts on me Essay

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How ICT impacts on me

I think ICT impacts me a lot since I first used a computer. It made my life happier but as well as distracting me too much sometimes. When I first used a computer, I was about 8 or 9; it was a must because we all had computer lessons since primary 3 until year 7. Email was the only major thing that made me use computers. By the time goes by, I am getting older, I was told by my younger cousin to play computer games on the internet. Since then, I used computer every day. My mum saw this then she set me a do’s list and a don’ts list.

She thought that I was too addicted to the internet for some reason. This probably is one of the handicaps of how ICT impacts on me. On the other hand, teachers taught us how to use email on the internet since we were small, that leaded me communicating with my school friends during holiday. I thought this was very easy for us; we did not have to ring each other very frequently, we could simply send emails. However, we did not use it too appropriately. As the technology is growing year by year, now I know what exactly computers or anything related to ICT help us and influence us.

Say about the online banking nowadays, customers will receive a little machine from their bank, which is used for confirming you are the right person when your debit or withdraw money from online banking. This can help with avoiding crime on online banking. For example, customer will need their secure key every time they log on. Secure key is the name of the little machine. It is handy, easy to keep in a safe place. Whenever customers need to log on to their online banking account, the website will ask them for the security code from their secure key.

Next, they need to click one of the buttons on their secure key, then a random number or key appear on the screen. This prevents from some people who are trying to hack in others’ accounts. This would also make people feel safer when they do online banking, and getting away from the stress of being stolen a huge amount of money sneakily. This also affects hackers in a bad way; they will not be able to investigate a new way to hack people’s accounts in a period! On the other side of the influence on me, it would probably be computers.

Years ago, I was still ‘’writing’’ my prep, nowadays, I go straight to my laptop and ‘’type’’ out my prep and then print them off. We have a various choice for us to prepare and do our paper work on our laptops. Now I use word processer to do my essay-work. Presentation software is for presenting information to a group of people. Spreadsheet is for calculating faster than working out numbers ‘manually’. Database is for holding a massive amount of data and records. This really does help people work more efficiently and spend less time on their work.

Correcting words immediately after you find out wrong words is one of the advantages of ICT. Scribbles can be prevented if I work on my laptop. Finally, ICT really affects us in a good way, but there is one main thing that is bad for us. On the social side, some social websites tend to be too distracting to people, this would affect their working motivation and their working force. ICT could be a handicap in some ways. It could lead some teenagers or children over-addicted to computer games or social websites. In conclusion, ICT impacts me well so far. I could do my prep in a faster way and entertainment myself when I am bored or free.

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