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How I Survived for Two Weeks without the Love and Care of My Teacher Essay

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How I Survived for Two Weeks without the Love and Care of My Teacher

I was happy, happy to know that at least we have two weeks without the teachers. To me two weeks was a long time, especially without Miss Gibbs always yapping on about misbehaving, and that we are in year 10, we should know better. Anyway, I can’t believe it; I am going to work with children. WOW. Do they think I’m insane; working with children, dream on. Seeing my own brothers and sisters drives me mad, what was I meant to do when I see a whole room full of them? Ok, here’s the deal, if I get paid for the job, then, maybe I could have second thoughts.

The days went like the speed of lightning, I was getting worried, and what if I accidentally smack a child in the face, like I do at home to my own brothers and sisters. To me it was the Day of Judgement coming to haunt me and God would give a tough punishment. By then I was getting worried, I didn’t want to leave school, even if it meant listening to Miss Gibb’s morning lectures in the assembly for the rest of my school years. The night before I began to work in the ‘real adult world,’ I sat on my hard comfortable bed; straight towards me was my large mirror and beside that was my window, half opened.

I felt the gentle wind rubbing against my soft skin, as I gazed towards the mirror. Thinking and despite the fact that I was no longer a 15 years old school student, unaware of the strange adult world ahead of me, but was becoming to be an elegant and independent young lady capable of working in the unknown adult world as an adult from the next crack of dawn. Since I have five older brothers and sisters I already knew the fact that stepping into an adult world is a big step, as it involves a lot of pressurisation and talents.

It doesn’t always mean having fun; it includes working like an animal to earn your living. This would certainly build up my self-esteem and broaden my confidentiality and also it would give me a taste of reality into the future. I couldn’t go to sleep, there were so many questions flying through my head ‘How the hell am I going to survive two whole weeks without gossiping about the latest news to my friends? What am I going to wear? Are they going to notice me? ‘ Etc, etc, etc.

Oh, my God, its tomorrow, tomorrows my work experience, is this what I really want to become when I grow up? That morning I woke up, exhausted to go back to sleep. I couldn’t do that; they’ll sack me before I even give it a go. It’ll also give a bad reputation to my school, and I’ll be getting yelled at by Miss Gibbs, which is the last thing I want to happen. I wore blue jeans with my sister’s new top she bought from New Look. I was trying to look simple because the first impression to them should show that I am able to look casual and not overdressed.

As I got out of the door, I looked up, prayed to God to help me build up my self-esteem and in return I got drops of water falling from the sky, it was as if the sky was crying. From then I knew it would be a bad start for me. As I got closer to the school I seemed to slow down my speed, the sky stopped crying and I began to get anxious, there in front of me was a small boxed-sized school, ‘Welcome to Odessa Infant School’ was the sign written in blue, with gold outline on the gate.

I couldn’t believe it as soon as I was standing in front of the gate my heart started to beat like a drum. I started to go red, which symbolised the nervousness I felt inside. I could feel the hot steam on my face; I began to sweat as never before. This was the most embarrassing moment even before I had started my work experience. As soon as I went inside the tiny eccentric building, there was a woman coming towards my way. She was wearing a large sized grey blazer, with matching skirts.

As she was coming towards me she was smiling, I felt horrified, because she wasn’t the sort of person I wanted to smile back at, she was obese and ugly. She had a red nose; I couldn’t wait no longer to find out who the woman was, as I found it hilarious. As soon as she came to me she said ‘So you must be the employee from Stratford School,’ politely. She sneezed right in front of me and then even blew her noise, which was gross, yet I did not say a word, because I wanted her to notice my positive side.

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