How Hormones Produced in The Fetus Can Affect Your Sexual Orientation

For many generations, humans have not had a logical understanding about the subject that sexual preferences are ambiguous and non-definite. Due to the recent legalization of homosexual marriage, there has been a great extent of social issue that has occurred, alluding the most obscure opinions, saying sexual identity is a choice not a distinctive trait. Science says otherwise, with a quantity of research obtained about this topic, there is studies to support that sexual identity is developed during pregnancy and throughout the progression of a child prior to puberty.

Therefore, in Melissa Hines research she explains that, sexual orientation varies differently between women than men, especially for an induvial within each sex. Within sex variability Kinsey says that 10% of men and 5% of women are bi-sexual or homosexual. In recent research they say 2-6% of Men in the United States have had an experience of homosexual activities. The spontaneous sex difference says that testosterone, gonadal hormones, has an affect how testosterone has an important role in the development of all behavioral sex differences in other species.

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Different articles in this research focuses on the depth of the areas covered about this topic. Scientist in this article use the molecular and neurol mechanisms involved in sexual differentiation of behavior to address this issue using non-human mammals for basic research.

The scientist in Nature volume 404 have used animal models to indicate that androgenic steroids working before birth has influences on sexual orientation of adult humans. They examine the androgen-sensitive that find evidence that homosexual women are exposed to more prenatal androgen than heterosexual women and are also men with one or more than one older brother, are more likely to be homosexual because they are more exposed to more prenatal androgen than an eldest son.

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Another thesis in Evolutionary Phycology supports that in men the number of older brothers has been linked with homosexuality.

This research has been said that maternal immune reaction is only aggravated only by the male fetuses and that gets stronger after each fetus. These scientists observed the relationship of sexual orientation in ratios and number of older siblings in the US, to see that the population is to be homogenous. In earlier studies heterosexual men had lower ratios than non-heterosexual men, because of this it supports the notion that that non-heterosexual men experience higher androgen levels in utero. On the contrary in the articles mention Important characteristics say that sex differences are influenced by sex hormones because of different stage periods that it occurs in. They focus on the part of sex hormones that affects the prenatal androgens of gender development. The more the levels of prenatal androgen exposure experienced by males in the womb is the reason why most of them in adult hood are attracted to women. This is due to the variance response in the hormones.

In conclusion, the total amount of research done about the topic it’s clear that they all correspond with the amount of usage of hormones in each fetus. Scientist have barely approached this topic within the last ten years so the data they have studied doesn’t hold a firm ground due to the fact fetal development is different in every pregnancy because of the number of hormones produced to affect many different aspects of sexual orientation. On the other hand, behavior is seen in other species not only humans. Most commonly homosexually is common among anthropoid. The brain may be a factor of why homosexual exist because of the hormones they experience throughout puberty.

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