How health care has changed Essay

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How health care has changed

With about 10 years of experience, as a secretary, in healthcare industry, I’ve noticed a multitude of changes within the medical field. On many levels, the medical system has changed, from paper charts to computerized patient files, the way prescriptions are handled and distributed, to file and/or medical documentation; even the paging method has found its place in a new technical era. Email, and employee intranet, has made communication between employers and employees, department to department, even employee to employee much easier and effective.

The only thing that hasn’t made too much of a noticeable change is the employee time clock, and even that has managed to find itself an upgrade. Nonetheless, a host of inevitable changes, given the social status of technology, and the best service available by healthcare standards and expectations, it’s easy to see where the future of healthcare and technology lie. Given the past 10 years, technology has gained its own credit in the advancement of the medical industry. Robots have become the gateway to a better healthcare. I feel that within the next 10 years, we’ll begin to see a great deal of technical influence. In a field, where there are already advancements in technology, and its uses, it is fair to say that we could gradually become an almost ‘hands free’ industry.

Medical advancements, in general, seem to have been primarily in the use of technology, and/or going green. Therefore the next 10 years, may still prove to be a breeze for the development of a relationship between medicine and technology. Even from my position, the change has been constant and obvious. Having been a secretary, since high school, I am currently in pursuit of my associates in medical administrations. My contribution to the industry has always come through my capabilities with a computer, and over the phone. Staying technically savvy, certainly is carrying its perks in weight with me. Within my experience, the secretary is the ‘go to’ person to get something to work proper y, or for better understanding of a technical meltdown, and if not the person to fix it, certainly the person to find the one who can. From nurses, doctors, patients, and parents, the secretary is the most knowledgeable resource, with a friendly face.

As secretaries, we practically hold the key within the medical field. Always there to offer a helping hand, we operate behind the scene in some cases, having my own experience of pulling off many last minutes miracles. In medical terms, we’re essentially the central nervous systems of any and many departments operations. Though, now, being on my path to higher learning, in addition to, my contributions are becoming much greater, and giving my future the fuel to go much further. Like many jobs, the growth of change is inevitable, so to make sure this change is effective; insuring that employees are kept up to date with the latest in changes, adjustments, and updates is key. Having worked within the healthcare industry, I’m aware of the time and efforts invested into insuring that their employees are knowledgeable and capable of managing through company changes.

I’ve had the opportunity to take a course or two, in order to insure I’m working at my fullest potent; cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses, to employee safety/self defense classes, system program changes, and new program usage. With my efforts, and the aid of my employers, my skills will remain polished and productive. Putting forth my best efforts and keeping the thirst for being successful in all my endeavors, along with the assistance provided through my employer; I will always be able and capable to perform all duties expected of me. With the growth of the medical industry, its employees have to be resourceful and reliable. Furthermore, within this growth, my perceptions haven’t changed, more they’ve evolved. The time within my courses have given me the opportunity to research and better understand the work and efforts that go into running a successful medical establishment.

Watching the change over the past decade, leaves me no choice, and certainly gives me the advantage at being a highly adaptable candidate within my position. Growing with the industry, as a secretary I’ve learned so much, and watched a lot change for the better. In turn, my perceptions remain optimistic about the direction myself and healthcare or headed in. In a nutshell, any perception of an ever changing industry is certain to change. In any case, healthcare is changing for the better and the sake of providing the best, quickest, most effective ways to treatment and cure. In a sense, this change is creating a glimpse in the future of healthcare along with its and human longevity. With the healthcare industry taking on the demands of a modern day society, technology has a great deal to do with its future.

Technology is set to play such a huge role in the development of healthcare. With the demands on the healthcare industry to offer the most effective methods of diagnosis, and treatments, along with healing time, the approach to technical advances are highly beneficial. Androids that perform, and aid in performing surgeries, the development in medical equipment and their advances/upgrades, the renewal of how patient charts are stored are all evolving, along with many more aspects of the medical industry.

Leaving such a wide variety of development in just about every department, looking into the next 10 years of medicine vs. technology, the combinations are endless and sure to be exceptional. Though, with any development and need for change, there’s a cost to be paid. Given the state of a slowly stabilizing economy, the future of all the developments depends on the availability of funds, and people in need of care. Though, very beneficial, the cost of accurate medical attention can come at a higher cost, and at a time when finances are scarious and rising, some are unable to afford the best in healthcare. With the benefits of insurance, there is still only so much that can be covered.

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