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How have electronic devices changed our world? Essay

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We could wipe out countries and eventually we will destroy ourselves too [13]. Every day we hear warnings, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Save Water & Electricity’, ‘Recycle’, etc. Our plant, our environment, is being heavily affected by global warming and the pollution levels have risen greatly in the past which are melting the polar caps. These are real warnings and our entire planet will be in trouble if we do not listen and make a change soon. The billions of cars being driven around everyday does not help.

Developers continue to produce cars that fit the wants of their clients: Fast, cheap, good looking; in this description only very few customers would include the words ‘environmentally friendly because the truth is that the larger the horsepower on a car the carbon monoxide travels out of the car into our atmosphere. Carbon Monoxide is extremely hazardous to health [15]. Carbon monoxide’s health effects include fatigue and chest pain at low concentrations. Exposure at higher concentrations leads to impaired vision, headaches, dizziness, confusion, and nausea. It is fatal at very high concentrations.

Carbon monoxide is an important pollutant because of its widespread production from the use of fossil fuels and its toxic effects [16]. In conclusion, I believe that technology has greatly impacted our lives and will continue to do so in both a negative and positive matter as at last the negative cannot be avoided. Even medicines have side effects but the greater purpose is that it is used for healing so in the same way I think it’s worth it. Technology has proven to be very useful in the past and it can only progress up to a limit where a strict boundary should be implemented so as to stop scientists attempting to play the role of God.

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