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How has ICT Helped Cars made Adapted to People in Wheelchairs Essay

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Since the Second World War cars have become the most popular mode of transport throughout Europe and nearly every household has at least one car. Cars are one of the sources of independent travel and are the way most people choose to get around the country. Now people are making cars in new ways, so that people in wheelchairs can get into cars more easily. [1]

The majority of cars these days seem to be getting smaller and smaller like the Mercedes smart car and the Mazda Rx-8. People in wheelchairs find it impossible to get into cars like these. Other cars like saloons and hatchbacks can transport people in wheelchairs as long as they are not in it. The passenger will most likely have to be lifted out of their chair and placed in the car. While their wheelchair rides in the boot. This way the people will still get around but they have a small feeling of inadequacy. This seems to reign throughout the majority of people in a wheelchair because of an accident.

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One person thought he should do something about this, he was Roland Arnold. Ronald Arnold is the creator of Paravan which within a decade has become, “one of the most successful, middle class concerns for handicapped accessible vehicle conversions by customer oriented acting” [2]. This is mainly because the vehicles Roland Arnold adapted to have become so popular. He used the Kia Carnival and the Chrysler Voyager for the base of his design to create them into Paravans. these cars look no different from their regular counterparts so it is very hard to tell the difference.

Behind the sliding door of the cars is a total renovation of the interior. This is where the ramp is to be found. The ramp makes it easy for those in wheelchairs to get in the car. It easy for the driver and the co-driver, to drive the car, whether they are disabled or not. The ramps on the cars can differ; they either slide out from the underneath the floor panel where the sliding door is opened or they fold down from an upright position behind the door. This could be decided by the customer as the Paravan company say, “the person always is the centre point. Individual customer advisory service, best support and trustful teamwork with our customers are a hearty request for us and ensures you the social integration” [3]. So in a way each car is individual.

This car was made for disabled people by a disabled person so Roland Arnold must have had some negative feelings towards the car industry for not making cars suited to those in wheelchairs to use. The Paravan is a family vehicle and can carry up to four people in wheelchairs. When making the Paravan Roland Arnold must have put a lot of thought and effort into it.

Intelligently he chose a big people carrier which would be highly suitable for wheelchairs. He then would have had to think about how to get the wheelchair into the car. He could have taken his idea from the vans that are used for the dial-a-ride service. These vans have ramps at the back doors and lift the passenger into the van. These vans are very good for the use of businesses and firms that cater for those in wheelchairs, but they are not suitable for personal and family use. The ramp in the Paravan slightly differs from those in the dial-a-ride vans because it does not have the hydraulic power to lift the wheelchair into the car.

This car is the ultimate vehicle for family and personal use as it allows the person in the wheelchair or a person without a wheelchair to drive. No other cars allow disabled drivers to do this. This enables the driver to get around without someone having to drive those places or having to use public transport or a dial-a-ride service. The wheelchair user doesn’t have to drive because all the seats in the car are removable. Safety precautions were taken when making the car with additional airbags to secure the wheelchairs if the car was to crash.

In conclusion the Paravan seems to be the very best machine for the disabled person to get around in. it can be tailored to suit the customer and is created on a one to one basis with them. The car is suitable for those who need assistance or those who can drive or those who can’t. This vehicle is suitable for people in all walks of life and that is why it has become so popular over the last ten years.

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