How has environment influenced who I have become? Essay

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How has environment influenced who I have become?

How has environment influenced who I have become?
According to Merriem-Webster, environment is “the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded.” Many people believe that our environment is not in danger. With advance of technology, certain thinks that we are not in worry of natural resources renew, recycling and exploitation of new energy. There are also many people who believe that one person’s effort is insignificant in global environment change. Colin Beavan is one of several pro-environmental who contribute to provide awareness in how environment is in danger.

As the person I have become, environment has affected my everyday life. “I didn’t just want to have no carbon impact, I wanted to have no environmental impact”, Beavan said. (P.14) This environmentalist has struggled about ways to get the environment clean. As Colin Beavan im against carbon pollution that kill our trees, creates global warming etc. as long as human continues to pollute the environment with carbons from vehicles, airplanes, spill of toxic waste, humanity will get more troubles with the raise of divers illnesses, the lack of vegetation, the growth of desertification especially where I came from. Environmental impact comes from the non-respect of the nature. For example chemicals products use is the major concerned fact. Where I came, the government doesn’t have the economic power to face this, so, everybody does whatever they want without paying attention to the environment.

According to Beavan, “I have to be an experiment in putting the habit first and seeing how that affects us.” (P.16) Beavan, which is the author of “No Impact Man” try to give the right behavior if wants to be a no impact man. For that him and his family were the first experiment for their project. It influences me too much because everything people want do in life, they have to be the first who will endure that. At the beginning, he stopped driving a car because of car pollution, and then he eliminated the plastic bags, controlled his trashes and eat only natural food. I think if we both start a least by trying to do the same, environment will be much better than it is right now.

“I blew my nose on a dead tree”, Beaven critiqued. (P.20) Have chosen to be a “No Impact Man” has it part of recriminations. He as all of us realized that in today’s world it is so difficult to go against our past habits but it is possible. So Beavan did. For example, when we try to make the environment better and accidentally make pollution by any manners, we recriminate ourselves and try to give up, but if we have real objectives to change the environment we could. Environment is not just one person’s conduct, but it could be one person’s conduct to changes others behavior.

In conclusion, Colin Beavan is one of impressive people who give the right way to help protecting environment. He put himself as experiment in danger in order to guide people’s conscience. With “No Impact Man”, I found inspiration to protect in my way the environment. Since that, I try to eat natural food, living with the minimum necessary and try to get my environment clean and healthy.

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