How has a process in nature been used as a medical intervention?

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The process in nature is the chemical in fireflies that causes them to light up. It’s being used as a medical intervention by using them to directly measure energy levels inside our living hearts. What does the level of ATP tell scientists about the functioning of the heart? What the level of ATP says about the function of the heart is that high levels of ATP indicate a high level of O2 constant function and need for O2. What are potential applications of this research? How can this type of test help patients? The tests could help patients with heart diseases and could detect a potential heart attack and prevent it from happening.


1 Based on what you learned in PBS, what are three foods that would be considered good energy sources? Explain your choices. Brown rice- it’s rich in manganese that helps produce proteins and carbs. It will give you energy to last all day. Sweet potato- high in carbohydrates, and prevents fatigue.

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Has vitamin A and C Honey- it’s equivalent to an energy drink, and the sweetener acts as a time-released muscle fuel during exercise and helps replenish muscles post-workout. 2 Name three specific body processes that require energy in the form of ATP. -Active transport

-cellular respiration

1. You hear someone mention the molecule “AMP.” Based on what you learned about the structure of ATP and the way in which energy is released, what do you think AMP stands for and how do you think it would be created? Adenosine monophosphate.

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It can be produced during ATP synthesis by the enzyme adenylate kinase by combining two ADP molecules: 2 ADP → ATP + AMP. 2. Explain how the recycling of ATP helped save Mauro Prosperi. Why is the ability to recycle this molecule an advantage? The recycling of ATP helped save Mauro Prosperi by allowing him to have energy even though he didn’t have much food.

The ability to recycle this molecule is an advantage because if we were ever in the same circumstance we would be able to survive longer without much food. It would allow us to have energy even though we didn’t have much food to be produced into ATP. 3. Based on what you have read in this activity, explain the role food, water and oxygen play in the creation of ATP or the release of energy from this molecule. In order to make ATP, you need food (sugar) and oxygen. You need oxygen to unlock the energy that’s in the food. Â Cellular respiration also explains why we are breathing oxygen and why we exhale carbon dioxide.

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