How Harmful Secrecy Can Be Essay

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How Harmful Secrecy Can Be

To talk about keeping secrets or how harmful secrecy can be,we should first know what serecy is.what kind of secrets surround us,and since when it all started?Secrets were born with the human being.They just follow a cycle since our existence on the plante.The problem is that do we really need secrets?Are they vital to us?If we follow the right path there is no need for secrets but many times we don’t,we can also make huge mistakes that we better think not to show.So we hide them,and hiding them we create a secret. In the 21st century,in this HI-TEC society we hardly can keep anything private.It all starts with the online privacy which in fact doesn not exist.Someone,we don’t know who,may be monitoring us every single minute.

They just gt access in our private stuff.It is really uncomfortable to think that someone can be reading what you’ve typed. A magician creates a trick and he firstly shows it to his wife.She gets amazed by the trick and insists to know the way he does it.After he tells her she says:”Once you know it’s actually very obvious”.These are called professional tricks which can’t be shown.Because revealing these secrets you just vanish the magic of what you do,making it something ordinary. There are also government secrets which are absolutely the most important of all.Most of them have to do with the national security and some of them are too ugly to be said.

Maybe some secrets aren’t revealed to avoid panic.But don’t we deserve to know everything in democratic government?If we can’t administer these secrets,who are the enilightened people whom all these secrets are believed? It’s clear that not all the people of a country,even they’re aqual to each other,aren’t capable of administering these risky secrets.Some things are just ugly to be public,the wikileaks case for example.

Was it necessary that the entire world knew what American Government really thought about other national governs? Honestlyi think national secrets should be kept because they contain very important information that may be harmful if it reveals.In these cases ignorance is bless. Have you ever though there are some secrets we just don’t want to know or we don’t want to accept.after something extraordinary,we eill be looking for the secret.But of course we eon’t find it because of course;we’ll not be really looking.We don’t really want to work it out.We want to be fooled.

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