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How Government Solved Problem of Interoperability

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Embracing Innovation in Government ” Global Trends 2018

APEX is a government – wide platform that establishes common programming interfaces for applications (APIs) that enable public agencies to share data with other agencies and private entities[1]. APEX allows various government data programs to communicate with each other, providing uniform governance, consistency and reliable performance[1]. It enables innovation through a central portal for catalog and self – service where innovators can easily leverage common APIs as building blocks to create new services and citizens ‘ experiences. APEX addresses a major challenge: systems interoperability.

[1] This can be implemented in Galway so that major issue of system interoperability can be solved for government services like issue of PPS Number, Multientry VISA etc.

How governments around the world are using blockchain

KSI Blockchain ” e-Estonia. This article explains how Estonia has implemented a distributed public ledger using KSI Blockchain. It has predefined rules on how the ledger could be appended by the consensus of all the participants. Using this feature of blockchain technology, it becomes impossible to modify the data which is already present on the blockchain.

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But this is done keeping in mind that all the participants are allowed to verify and see the data available in the database. This can be implemented in Galway to build a common platform for people to upload and maintain the information required for the government using blockchain technology. This mainly simplifies the process as we don’t have to upload the documents separately for different departments. If any department needs any information, they can easily access the information from the database without any hinderance.

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Seoul 50+ policy

This article explains how Seoul Metropolitan Government has addressed the needs of ageing population. The 50 + policy of Seoul represents an innovative convergence of social welfare, employment and lifelong learning policies aimed at meeting the needs of an aging society[1]. The policy addresses the needs and features of citizens between 50 – 64 years of age and allows them to remain active, work and participate in community life[1]. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is setting up a comprehensive infrastructure with foundation, campuses and centers throughout the city as part of the 50 + Policy[1]. This redefines the meaning of “work” in an age – old population age. We can implement this policy in Galway as ageing population is very high and this policy can certainly give a ray of hope in terms of employment and wealth.

E-Voting using Blockchain Technology

The main sections of the society do not trust the government. This makes election an important event in the democracy. The main issue is the current ballot paper system which is still followed in Galway which can be easily manipulated by multiple organization. The proposed system mainly eliminates the trust aspect and makes it more secure and transparent. The proposed system mainly uses client server architecture using blockchain technology which ensures more transparency and security. The cost of implementing this technology is less as compared to the traditional ballot paper system. There are many social benefits associated with technology making the process more quicker and efficient which can eventually result in the increase of the voter turnout percentage. This can be implemented in Galway to test its efficiency which then can be used in other parts too.

Fighting Traffic Jams using Blockchain Technology

Fight Traffic Jams with Blockchain Technology – Bitcoin News. La’Zooz offers a decentralized smart transportation platform that is located on top of the Blockchain of Bitcoin. This is a social ride sharing platform that “will synchronize empty seats with transport needs in real time, matching like – minded people to create a great ride sharing experience for a fair fare,” Bitcoin’s blockchain technology combined with ride – sharing and driverless vehicles will dramatically change urban transportation by creating a variety of new and previously unimagined solutions to eradicate the scourge of traffic jams once and for all.

Awarding Crypto Coin to eco-friendly drivers

Auto Giant Behind Mercedes-Benz Launches Crypto Coin To Reward Eco-Friendly Driving. [online] Cointelegraph. As per, Mercedes Benz and smart brands have demonstrated their own blockchain digital currency called as MobiCoin which mainly rewards the drivers for environmentally friendly driving i.e. smooth and safe driving at low speeds, using the fuel efficiently, driving within the speed limits will be rewarded with MobiCoin [5]. We can implement this model in galway so that it can mainly contribute towards making the earth more greener with lower carbon emissions and set an example for other cities as well as countries too. 7) Managing Traffic Congestion by allowing cars to communicate using blockchain Anujit, A. (2019). Manage Traffic Congestion by allowing cars communicate using Blockchain ?. [online] CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM. This article explains how ford has manage traffic congestion by allowing cars to communicate using blockchain[6]. The blockchain – powered solution provides crypto token to facilitate vehicle cooperation that will help drivers and ease congestion in traffi.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare system

Blockchain: The Next Big Thing in Healthcare? | Snowflake Blog. This article helps us to explain how to manage personal health records using MedRec. This system is built on Ethereum blockchain. This can be used to manage the health history of all the patients using decentralized system stored in the data warehouse.[7] This system provides decentralized record management system based on blockchain technology that mainly helps the patients easy access to their medical information across providers and treatment sites. New entries or corrections to the medical records must be cryptographically authenticated before it is permanently and irreversibly added to the patient’s record. Medical Blockchain Landscape snowflake Medical Data sources OLTp databases Enterprise applications Third-party Medical Retains sole ownership of PHI data Sends secure pointers to Blockchain Snowflake: z Rationalization Reporting Datamarts Patient / Provider / Practice Analytics o o Rationalizes pointers with Patient/Provider cooperation Safely reports PHI data through managed pohters Non-Phil Data PHI Data

Towards blockchain based intelligent transportation system

Towards blockchain-based intelligent transportation systems – IEEE Conference Publication. Applying disruptive technologies like Blockchain is rapidly growing and has the full potential of revolutionizing the increasingly centralized intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications. Blockchain can enable to establish a secured, trusted and decentralized autonomous ITS ecosystem, leading to better usage of the ITS infrastructure and resources, especially effective for crowdsourcing technology. Blockchain has the capability to develop secured and trusted architectures for parallel transportation management. The link provides novel blockchain based ITS framework, which can be considered to be the elegant solution to IoT, and the integrated “blockchain of things” technology can be used to collect the real world transportation data and design parallel transportation management system. Blockchain can be considered to be the perfect solution to the key issues faced by ITSs in Galway, and also a potential architecture for dealing with social complexity by building parallel transportation management system. Ride”sharing: : Lostics Application Layer Alprithms : Mechanums : Snart Contacts Contract Layer Incentive Laver Pow Consensus Layer P2PNetwork Data Verification: Data Blocks Network Layer Time Stamps ‘ Hasb Functions Tees : Encrypdon Data Layer %hicles Fig. 1. An ITS -Oriented blockchain Physical Layer model

Securing Smart Cities Using Blockchain Technology

Securing Smart Cities Using Blockchain Technology – IEEE Conference Publication. Smart Cities widely use information technology to integrate and manage physical, social and business infrastructures in order to provide better services to its dwellers while ensuring efficient and optimal utilization of available resources. This paper proposes the security framework that will integrate the blockchain technology with smart devices to provide a secure communication platform in a smart city. There has been significant advancement in IoT’s and wireless communications have enabled to successfully interconnect a range of devices and transmit data ubiquitously even from remote locations. In order to provide privacy, integrity and data confidentiality the new solutions based on the nature of data (private or public) and communication platforms have to be developed. Using Blockchain technology allows the entities in smart city to communicate without compromising privacy and security. It’s resilient against many threats is the main advantage of using blockchain. Blockchain has unique features such as improved reliability, better fault tolerance capability, faster and efficient operation and scalability. By integrating the blockchain technology with the devices in a smart city (Galway) will allow to create a common platform where all devices would be able to communicate securely in a distributed environment. Smart Energy Samrt Parking Smart Home Smart Health Applications Smart Tm mc Smart Cleaning Permissionless (Public) Permissioned (Private) .2 .2 PAN Distributed Ledger LAN WAN b Bluetooth Wifi 3G 6LoWPAN Ethernet 4G Etheum AXT Telehash Networks and Protocols Light Pressure Motion Temperature Humidity Stepper Motors Soleniods Sensors and Actuators Figure 1: Smart city security framework

How the blockchain will transform housing markets

How the blockchain will transform housing markets. Blockchain an emerging technology could transform the way we buy and sell real estate by doing away with the hidden costs and inefficiencies of housing market. Blockchain operates like online ledger that records transactions. It records the movement of any kind of asset from one owner to the next. Blockchain technology is public and not owned by any one corporation and there are no charges to record transactions. The openness of technology ensures the integrity of transactions and ownership, as everyone involved has a stake in keeping it honest. Ultimately, that means there are fewer intermediaries who increase the cost and time to complete a transaction. By applying blockchain to property market, every property would be encoded with unique identifier. The blockchain ecosystem will need the people behind the transaction defined these stakeholders are generally owner, lender and government. These transactions of property are conducted via “smart contracts” – digital rules in the blockchain that process the agreement and any specified conditions. These smart contracts can be advanced to incorporate the sale rules and make this decision automatically.

Why Blockchain? What Exactly are the Societal Implications?

Why Blockchain? What Exactly Are the Societal Implications?. Applications of Blockchain technology in social aspects are colossal. The essential idea is to use the internet technology to develop a large network of smart machines and appliances which can interact with each other without deviation. For example appliances like ovens with internal cameras that can tell users when food gets cooked, right up to fully-fledged planned smart cities like Galway where services like rubbish collection, traffic, transportation and infrastructure management can be run by systems of internet-enabled applications and vehicles. Blockchain technology provides the new infrastructure that allows self-organized society not only to make public decisions, but to take roles of authorities and perform them better. Libelium Smart World Air Pollution cars ad Forest Fire Detection Wine Quality Enhancing in to the Dttspring Care Sportsmen Care Structural Health usually o’ Shipment Conditions o’ NGS smartphones Detection Perimeter Access Control at people h Radation Levels Electromagnetic Levels Traffic Congestion. My Waste Management Smart Parking city Golf Coor Bes Smart Roads Snnart Light.nq ard Intelligent Shopping in in time. Vatcr Leakages Vehicle Auto-diagnosis “ne “-ms to ”genci” Item Location Like libelitm

Smart Contracts using Blockchain Blockgeeks

Smart Contracts: The Blockchain Technology That Will Replace Lawyers – this article explains how government and banks are moving towards Smart Contracts. Smart contracts provides infinitely secure system. It can help to exchange money, property, shares or anything of value. It uses Ethereum blockchain as it gives unlimited processing capability. It ensures

  1. Autonomy,
  2. Trust,
  3. Backup,
  4. Savings and Accuracy.

It solves most important problem of saving time and conflicts. The main idea is contracts can be converted into computer code, stored and replicated on the system and supervised by network of computers that run the blockchain.

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