How Global brands compete?

1. Introduction

Over the years, global branding has turned out to be a key aspect for effecting management considerations globally.  Indeed, it has turned out to the main defining objective of various companies around the globe.

2. Importance of the global branding

Global branding is not important to the global consumers. Global branding of different products has assimilated a marketing notion and do not necessarily indicate a sense of superiority. Indeed, it was not until recently did people stop associating global brands with American values, a notion which was very misleading (Douglas, John, and Earl, 2004).

  The most important aspect to consider when shopping for different items is the quality they posses as opposed to the name.  Following the recent anti-Globalization protests against some companies like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Nike due to their production processes and products’ negative impacts to the people, the truth has been revealed indicating that bulk of their products are indeed not superior

3. Characteristics that consumers associate global brands with

Globally, consumers associate global brands with three main characteristics.

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To begin with, they belief that global brands are indeed superior in technology used to produce them as well ass the quality of the products. They also see a major consideration of continued improvement to maintain their global positions.  Douglas et al (2004) points out that others view the global brand as a major source of identity and prestige where they are able to get much ‘bigger’, much better, and much idealistic products that derive their overall sense of identity.

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  Finally, the notion of social responsibility is viewed to be a role of the globally branded companies and products as opposed to the local communities.  Douglas et al (2004) points out that many of the locally ignored notions like pollution demands and excessive water usages become the point of controversy when the globally branded companies progress towards the same direction.

4. How global brand once influenced my decision

Since when I was young, my dad had always emphasized on the need to be patriotic.  As a result, he insisted that we should seek to promote locally made products at all times. Indeed, he led us by a good example as we grew up knowing only the local products and praising them always. However, with the onset of the global branding that the hybrid Toyota vehicles were given, I could not resist to get a hybrid Toyota Prius to share the same global taste status and prestige. Though it never invoked conflict at home, my dad expressed his dissatisfaction with my decision.

5. Challenges and transnational companies with reference to international brands

Global markets are faced with major competitions from other giants in the same level. Large companies like Motorola face it off with Nokia while others like Toyota compete with Ford and Volkswagen in the global market.  This calls for great innovation in technology and vast resources application to maintain the brand name.  To add to that, the consumers have vast negative views about global brands which are not easily identifiable taking into consideration that they are vastly distributed in time and space. Many of the consumers’ demands like involvement with corporate social responsibilities are in most of the cases counter productive.  Besides, the fast rising numbers of antiglobals and agnostics threat to kill the overall spirit of the global brands hereby posing a major threat to the superiority consideration (Douglas et al, 2004)..

6. Addressing transnational companies’ problems

In conclusion, it is clear that a solution should be developed to anchor the transnational companies from possible subsidence. They should seek to create credible myths that add value to the consumers as opposed to less-than-credible myths that are short tern unsustainable on a long term. To add to that, transnational companies should treat the antiglobals as part of the consumers to avoid unfavorable fights with them as they totally taint the global brands.  This should be done through investment in projects that will positively convince even the skeptics.  Social responsibilities should be approached from an entrepreneurship point of view where extra involvements of the companies seek to pro-actively determine and derive positive returns to the company.  Finally, the transnational companies must seek to manage the dark side of the consumers’ perception about the negative side of their perception as opposed to concentration on only the best side of their global products.

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How Global brands compete?

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