How "Frankenstein" Influenced Me?

Frankenstein is a gothic horror book that was written by Mary Shelley and was published in 1818. Victor Frankenstein made a monster in this book/novel using dead body parts that he got from a graveyard and then he electrocuted them all and created a big monster.

His first initial thought was happiness but then he became guilty about it because he was so isolated and he couldn’t do anything. My parents probably never thought of me like that but maybe they did who knows.

Victor lets him out and Frankenstein the monster but then he gets shamed for being created and so Victor locked him inside taking care of him like a child. I relate to this because my parents used to have to take care of me like a child but not because of shame. Frankenstein is sad because he doesn’t have any friends or anybody to talk to I can relate to this because I didn’t really have any friends until first grade and then I met Jesse and we have been friends since.

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Frankenstein is in a rage because he was left alone and so he became lonely and I can relate to that because my parents used to leave me to go do stuff without me so I got really mad.

At one point Frankenstein becomes lonely to love and so he wants a girlfriend or bride and I can relate to this because I always wanted a girlfriend but I grew out of it because you know video games are fun and so I just started to play video games all the time.

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Frankenstein got into a little trouble so he was shamed upon and tortured I can relate to this because when I got into trouble I would be punished and shamed for what I did or have done. Frankenstein learned how to make choices and how to talk and speak appropriately and when I grew up I was taught this by my dad because if you talk inappropriately and whenever interrupting something you would be lectured and told to go to your room.

Frankenstein began to learn and become human and I was probably taught this but I don’t remember because it was at so early of an age that I stuck to it and am now an average human being. Frankenstein looks up to Victor because he taught him the basics of being human and my parents taught me that and I’m still learning and looking up to my dad because he is teaching me the most and he had to live in a strict house so he knows a thing or two about being a genuine person. Frankenstein did a bad thing because he was treated badly and he was getting angry, I can relate to this because I was bullied in elementary school so I got mad and beat up the bully and I was labeled as dangerous and dramatic as well. Frankenstein gets angry because he cannot find any friends and I relate to that now because mostly everyone is a fake friend and say stuff behind there back so being angry can be relevant.

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